Does Amazon Accept Care Credit In 2022? (Try This Instead…)

The Care Credit card is a payment method that cardholders can use for health and wellness purchases such as hygiene products, medical supplies, infant care products and similar items.

  • Amazon has many products for health and well-being, so customers might wonder if their Care Credit can be used on For those who are wondering the same, read on!
  • Does Amazon Accept Care Credit In 2022? (Try This Instead...)

    Amazon will accept Care Credit from 2022

    Amazon won’t accept Care Credit for payment on eligible Care Credit orders. Amazon also offers SNAPEBT to help you pay for your groceries, vitamins or any other essentials purchased at Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh. Care Credit cardholders may also use their card in Walgreens, Walmart, or similar stores.

  • Keep reading for additional information on Amazon not accepting Care Credit. You may also find similar payment methods available to customers.
  • Amazon Doesn’t Accept Care Credit

    Amazon does not have any reason to refuse Care Credit.

    However, it’s reasonable to conclude that Amazon doesn’t carry enough qualifying Care Credit products to justify the use of the card on their website.

    Care Credit Cardholders are restricted from purchasing items not necessary for their own health and well being, such as medication, hygiene products, baby formula or over-the counter medications. doesn’t carry many health products so the Care Credit card may not be considered an essential payment method.

    Does Amazon Accept Care Credit In 2022? (Try This Instead...)

    Amazon Similar To Care Credit: Which Payments Can I Use?

    Amazon has not yet made the Care Credit card available as an option for payment, but they offer SNAP in Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh stores across the country.

    Like the Care Credit card and SNAP, SNAP is available to purchase essential goods. However, the SNAP EBT payment method may only be used for essential food, while the Care Credit card is used to purchase items such as vitamins and over the counter medication.

    Customers who need medication, paraphernalia for babies, or hygiene products are advised to visit stores as well as websites that accept Care Credit cards.

    If I don’t have a care credit card, where can I get one?

    Care Credit is not available for cardholders on However, there are many stores that accept Care Credit as valid payment methods. These stores are as follows:

  • Duane Reade
  • Rite Aid
  • Sam’s Club
  • Walgreens
  • Walmart
  • Customers should note that not every location for the above mentioned stores may accept Care Credit, and may depend upon each individual store manager or region.

    Customers who aren’t sure if their Care Credit card is valid at these establishments in their locality are advised to contact customer service and clarify their doubts.

    Does Amazon Accept Care Credit In 2022? (Try This Instead...)

    What Can I Buy With a Care Credit Card?

    Cardholders of Care Credit can buy a wide range of essential products at qualified stores with their card. Customers can currently use Care Credit to buy the following products:

  • Accessories for nursing and feeding
  • Baby furniture
  • Products for baby hygiene
  • Baby wipes
  • Car seats
  • Diapers and training pants
  • Formula
  • Children’s nutrition
  • Safety devices
  • Products for hair care
  • Skin care and razors
  • Custom Hearing Aids
  • Batteries for hearing aids
  • Services at the Hearing Center
  • Sound amplifiers for Hearing Aids
  • Allergy medication
  • For asthma medication
  • Monitor blood pressure
  • Treatments for cold and flu
  • Digestive aids
  • Products for family planning
  • Medical aid
  • Cold and hot therapy
  • A pain reliever
  • Probiotics
  • Products for former smokers
  • Supportive sleep products
  • Snoring aids
  • Supplements
  • Thermometers
  • Vitamins
  • Bar soap, body wash
  • Clippers to trim the nails on your feet
  • Cotton swabs
  • Dental care products
  • Deodorant
  • Do not use a face wash
  • Products for female hygiene
  • Hair regrowth products
  • Incontinence aids
  • Liquid soap
  • Co-pays
  • Deductibles
  • Supplies for diabetics
  • Prescription drugs
  • Contact lenses and case
  • Contact lens solution
  • Eye drops
  • Eye exams
  • Care Credit customers have the option to purchase these items and a host of other products.

    Cardholders can’t use Care Credit to purchase alcohol, clothes, grocery, household goods, tobacco, and other similar products.

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  • Conclusion
  • Amazon will not accept Care Credit at this time as a payment option. Amazon offers SNAP EBT, a payment option that allows customers to purchase essential foods in their grocery stores. This is available in all 50 states.

    Although Care Credit customers are not allowed to use it on they can make purchases at Walgreens, Walmart and Sam’s Club.

    .Does Amazon Accept Care Credit In 2022? (Try This Instead…)