Does Usps Ship To Puerto Rico?

Does Usps Ship To Puerto Rico? (Cost, Is It International + More)

With the United States Postal Service you can send to any place in the world using an address. It will be delivered with confidence.

U.S. territories do not constitute a state. Some of them are located several thousand miles away from large bodies of water.

You might wonder if USPS ships to Puerto Rico. The USPS has a very small, but still important territory in Puerto Rico. It is located just off the Caribbean coast. Below is the solution to your question.

Does USPS Ship To Puerto Rico? (Cost, Is It International + More)

Does USPS Ship To Puerto Rico In 2022?

From 2022 onwards, Puerto Rico will be shipped by USPS. Puerto Rico is an American territory and therefore falls under domestic shipping. There is no need to fill out a customs form. Customers of the USPS in the 48 contiguous states may pay for items to be sent to Puerto Rico as though they were sending them to any other country in the U.S.

  • To learn more about how you ship to Puerto Rico, what it costs, the cheapest method for shipping to PR and if you can ship flat-rate to the territory, keep reading for everything you need to know!
  • What are the best ways to ship to Puerto Rico?

    Puerto Rico is not as expensive to ship to from the US 50 states than it would be to send from Florida to Texas. It does however require extra caution when it comes down to labeling. reports that Puerto Rico residents are living in “urbanizations”, which is what we consider neighborhoods or parts of cities (see Squirrel Hill/Shadyside/South Side).

    This means that you must label any envelope or parcel when sending to PR.

    It will thus read:

  • Name
  • Urbanization
  • House number, street name, apt. Number
  • City, State, Zip +4
  • makes it clear that not everyone lives on a street. Instead of addressing the mailpiece at a home number, and an urbanization,

    Even though you don’t need to add anything to your shipment to Puerto Rico like a Customs Form, it’s worth checking to see if the contents of your package have been properly stabilized.

    It will travel a lot further – PR still lies 1,000 miles south of the Florida southernmost tip – than the item would in the States.

    Does USPS Ship To Puerto Rico? (Cost, Is It International + More)

    What is the shipping cost to Puerto Rico with USPS?

    Puerto Rico has domestic shipping rates that are lower than those charged by the USPS. It is therefore cheaper to ship to there than it would be to other places in the U.S.

    You can also send simple letters with just one stamp. The regular postage rate is currently 58c for Forever stamps.

    But say you want to send something a bit larger, like an envelope or a package.

    The best option is to use the flat-rate USPS envelopes and boxes.

    Priority Mail offers this kind of packaging at a flat rate, no matter how heavy, and with fast delivery times up to two days.

    Below are some of the top Flat Rate Options and their Prices:

  • Priority mail flat rate envelope: $7.95
  • Priority Mail Flat Rate Small Box: $8.45
  • PriorityMail Flat Rate Box, Medium with top-loading $15.50
  • PriorityMail Flat Rate Mail Large Box: $21.90
  • The chart below shows the complete list of available options and their prices.

    Say you’re kind of in a hurry, though, and you want to guarantee that the item you’re shipping reaches PR as quickly as possible.

    Then you can ship via Priority Mail Express Flat Rate, similar to Priority Mail, but faster.

    At the moment, only Envelopes (Legal Envelopes) and Padded Envelopes are allowed to ship to PR Priority Express.

    Priority Mail Express offers 1-day delivery to PR within 6 hours, six days per week.

    Sunday is an exception. It costs $12.50 more if you mail on a Saturday but want it to arrive the next-day.

    Priority Mail Express services start at $26.35, depending your place and destination.

    Does USPS Ship Flat Rate To Puerto Rico?

    USPS offers two flat rate shipping options to Puerto Rico.

    Priority Mail Flat rate service is the first and most affordable option. It includes envelopes as well as boxes.

    Priority Mail Express Express, the fastest and more expensive option, is available. However, it only delivers envelopes to PR.

    See the above section for a complete price breakdown and selection of box/envelopes.

    Does USPS Ship To Puerto Rico? (Cost, Is It International + More)

    What Is The Cheapest Way To Ship To Puerto Rico USPS?

    You can send First-Class mail a postcard for as low as 40c if your message is for Puerto Rico.

    Priority Mail flat rate shipping is your best option if you have more weighty items to send.

    Not only do the flat rates apply to any weight up to 70 lbs., Flat Rate comes with three-day shipping, tracking at no extra fee, as well as Saturday delivery at no extra fee.

    Additionally, Sunday delivery is available for an additional fee.

    Priority Mail Flat Rate Starts at $7.95 For Envelopes. It can go up to $21.90 For a Large Flat Rate Box (medium cost $15.50 and small costs $8.45).

    This is in comparison to the cheapest (but fastest) option for Priority Express envelopes, which start at $26.35.

    We will also be comparing USPS prices against FedEx, UPS and other competitors. Both treat Puerto Rico as international, and the prices will make your eyes water.

    FedEx International Economy will ship your 10-lb. package from Pennsylvania to San Juan. Shipment costs from Philadelphia to San Juan by FedEx International Economy for a 10lb.

    The cheapest option for a similar shipping service from UPS costs $87.42.

    When you can ship a large box, up to 70 lbs., to PR for only $21.90, there is really no comparison. USPS is your most economical choice.

    Is Shipping USPS To Puerto Rico International?

    USPS is considered an international shipping method. Postal Service treats mail to and from PR as domestic, and it charges domestic rates.

    But this does not apply to all shippers. FedEx or UPS consider shipping to Puerto Rico international.

    Shipping to PR via good, old-fashioned mail service is for most Americans the best and cheapest way.

    Does USPS Ship To Puerto Rico? (Cost, Is It International + More)

    Does Shipping To Puerto Rico Require Customs Forms With USPS?

    Puerto Rico doesn’t require any customs forms in order to be sent anything by USPS.

    This is because, as PR Is a U.S. territory, the U.S. Postal Service handles mail from both outgoing and inbound as domestic.

    You can read our post on whether USPS ships Canada and if USPS tracks tracking.

  • Conclusion
  • Puerto Rico has been designated domestic territory by USPS despite its location at 2,000 miles of the closest U.S. shore.

    Domestic rates to and from apply to PR, including flat rate mailing and even next-day services, making correspondence to the Caribbean island feel just that much more immediate and connected.

    .Does Usps Ship To Puerto Rico? (Cost, Is It International + More)