When Does Home Depot Have Sales

When Does Home Depot Have Sales In 2022? (Products + More)

Staples Inc.


Founded May 1, 1986

; 35 years ago




Brighton, Massachusetts

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Number of locations
1,040 stores (U.S., 2022)


40 warehouses/fulfillment centers (U.S.)
Areas served
United States, Canada, United Kingdom
Key people
J. Alexander Douglas (

CEO Staples



Michael Motz (

CEO Staples US Retail

Products Office supplies and furniture

Office and data center technology
Revenue Decrease


14 billion (




Sycamore Partners

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75,000 (2021)



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Home Depot provides a range of savings and promotions to tempt customers into purchasing a number of items in the store. This includes power tools, supplies and other materials.

  • Home Depot Sales are a great way to save money on your purchases. Here is everything I’ve found out!
  • When Does Home Depot Have Sales In 2022? (Products + More)

    When Does Home Depot Have Sales In 2022?

    Home Depot conducts sales annually on New Year’s Day as well as Good Friday, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Labor Day, Boxing Day, and Labor Day. Stock levels may cause local sales. Home Depot also has a Special of the Day each day for a certain category.

  • Continue reading to find out more information about Home Depot’s sales days and whether or not you can combine discounts from Home Depot.
  • Home Depot sales days

    Home Depot usually hosts sales on bank holidays and during special occasions like Boxing Day (or Thanksgiving)

    Here is the list of Home Depot’s sales in 2022:

    New Year’s Day: 1 January

    Good Friday Sale on April 2nd

    Easter Monday Sale – 5 April

    Spring Black Friday Sale, 8-18 April

    3rd May: Memorial Day Sale.

  • Fourth of July Sale: Red, White, and Blue (also called the 4th Of July Sale).
  • Labor Day Sale 8 September

    Black Friday Sale on November 26.

    Cyber Monday Sale – 29 November

    Green Monday Sale on December 14th

    26th December: After Christmas Sale (Also known as Boxing Day Sale).

    Home Depot also has an announcement section that customers can use to look for upcoming sales. However, the events and dates may vary from year to year.

    When Does Home Depot Have Sales In 2022? (Products + More)

    Home Depot is selling what products?

    The products on sale at Home Depot will depend on the type of sale currently being run.

    For larger sales such as the Black Friday sale, almost all stock in-store will be on sale and available to buy for cheaper prices.

    Other sales will however be focused on products that relate to this sale, or which are less-popular in the coming months.

    Home Depot Memorial Day Sale offers discounts on grills, furniture, appliances, and other outdoor items, because these types of products are so popular right at the beginning summer.

    Many of these products will appear in Summer Sales, which will include patio furniture and grills.

    Green Monday is a sales event that allows customers to buy gifts for their family members and send them off in the timeframe of Christmas.

    Home Depot offers a huge opportunity to get Christmas supplies for next year at the After-Christmas Sale.

    What is Home Depot’s special buy of the day?

    Home Depot offers a Daily Special on Select Items or Categories. These items are usually available at a Discount of 50% to 50%.

    They can include lighting, paint, or blinds.

    Keep track of all the items on sale at Home Depot by bookmarking this page.

    Home Depot’s Pro Special Buy of the Week is also available. This offer targets professionals and allows them to get tools and materials at a discount for the future.

    This great offer is also available to regular customers.

    When Does Home Depot Have Sales In 2022? (Products + More)

    How Long Do Special Buys Last At Home Depot?

    Home Depot has special offers that only last 24 hours.

    There will be a countdown counter (based on the EST time zone) located at the top of the Special Buy of the Day web page. This clock lets you know the remaining time before the deal expires.

    Notice that the Pro Special Buy of the Week countdown and reset times are both based on the exact same time zones. They also include a countdown clock up to the expiration of the deal.

    These offers last 7 days and then are reset Monday/Sunday.

    Can I Combine My Discount With Home Depot Sales?

    Home Depot Sales discounts cannot be combined with discounts for military personnel.

    It is likely that prices for items currently on sale have been significantly reduced and the company would suffer a loss.

    However, you can still use your 15% off military discount with regularly priced items.

    When Does Home Depot Have Sales In 2022? (Products + More)

    Does Home Depot Price Match Sale Items?

    Home Depot might price match or not with brick and mortar shops depending on what they are selling.

    Home Depot currently matches regular price items with these stores:

  • Lowe’s
  • JCPenney
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Best Buy
  • Staples
  • Macy’s
  • True Value
  • Mom-and-pop stores.

    Home Depot cannot price match retailers that sell online only, like Amazon and wholesale retailers like Costco.

    However, if you see a price lower at one of the above stores and bring proof (such as a local ad) they’ll look into it.

    Home Depot will not price match discontinued, damaged or clearance merchandise.

    It will also not match the prices on its website if an item listed is ‘Online Only.

    For more information on shopping at Home Depot you can check out our other guides about the Home Depot AAA Discount, Home Depot Home Improver Card and Home Depot Pro Xtra account.

  • Conclusion
  • Home Depot has a variety of sales that reflect seasonal demand and supply.

  • Spring sales include more outdoor and garden furniture, and summer sales includes grills and patio furniture.
  • Home Depot also offers an exclusive buy of the day on its website that lasts for 24 hours (by EST) and a pro special buy of the week which lasts 7 days.

    Home Depot does Home Depot have sales ever?

    Home Depot offers sales on certain dates every year, including New Year’s Day, Good Friday Memorial Day, Labor Day and Labor Day. If there is excess stock, local sales might also be possible. Additionally, the Home Depot website lists a Special of the Day every day in a specific category.

    What Are The Special Buys At Home Depot

    Home Depot’s Special Buy of the Day Online offers you exclusive discounts on home-improvement projects The deals will be available until stocks run out. Apr 13, 2016

    How Proportion of Home Depot Sales are They?

    45 percent

    Does Home Depot Do First Responder Discount?

    Like other stores, Home Depot gives a first responder discount too. First-responder customers can enjoy a 10% discount. All they must do is present a valid ID to know whether or not they qualify as a first-responder and get their discount!Feb 3, 2022

    .When Does Home Depot Have Sales In 2022? (Products + More)