Does Usps Deliver On Saturday? (First Class, Priority + More)

Although the United States Postal Service may have its shortcomings, it is an organization that sends our mail and has an amazing reach.

Since the 19th Century, USPS and its agents have been at the heart of U.S. communications.

But does USPS deliver on Saturday? Can you expect your letter or bill or package on a Saturday? Let’s find out what to expect.

Does USPS Deliver On Saturday? (First Class, Priority + More)

What happens if the USPS doesn’t deliver Saturdays in 2022

The United States Postal Service provides Saturday delivery since 1863. U.S. customers can expect First Class mail, Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail Express deliveries on Saturdays. USPS also offers Saturday delivery at no charge to senders.

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  • Does USPS Deliver First Class Mail On Saturday?

    First Class mail can be described as normal mail, even though it has an elite title. This is what you get delivered every day with just a few stamps.

    Second Class mail is delivered Saturdays, but not Sundays.

    USPS’s website boasts that Saturday mail delivery has been an option since 1863.

    Yes, there are mail carriers who still travel the streets one day per week, taking your letters, bills, or (unfortunately), junk mail, in business-size envelopes.

    Does USPS Deliver On Saturday? (First Class, Priority + More)

    Can USPS deliver Priority Mail on Saturday?

    Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express both get delivered on Saturdays, without an additional fee for the shipper.

    These types of mail are shipped within 1 to 2 or 3 days. Instead of using stamps, the rate is calculated by weight.

    But again, that rate is for the Priority (i.e., faster/trackable/guaranteed) shipping, not for the Saturday delivery.

    Are Saturdays the only day that The Post Office is open?

    USPS considers Saturday a business day. This means that you can get First Class, Priority, Priority Express, and USPS Retail ground mail.

    If you’re shipping, and the expected day of delivery falls on a Saturday, you won’t have to pay anything extra because it’s a weekend day.

    The typical postage you pay, regardless of whether you send something First Class, “regular”, or stamped mail, will be what you have to cover.

    It is possible to send an overnight flat rate Priority Mail Express envelope, but it won’t arrive until Saturday, as there are no additional fees.

    The flat rate of $26.35 would be paid in this instance, along with any usual additional fees (e.g., delivery). And you receive a guarantee that it arrives at its destination on Saturday.

    Priority Mail Express would prefer to be sent on Sundays.

    Guaranteed Sunday Delivery adds $12.50 to your initial cost (flat rate plus any other charges).

    Again, though, Saturdays do not incur any additional charges, despite being a weekend day. USPS still operates as usual.

    Does USPS Deliver On Saturday? (First Class, Priority + More)

    When can you expect mail delivery on Saturday?

    Many people can receive Saturday mail at the same time they receive other mail throughout the week.

    Also, it is open between the hours 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

    If your order was shipped Priority or Priority Express Priority overnight on Friday and it is still in transit, the item should arrive at its destination no later than 10:30 am Saturday.

    Mail may arrive later due to weather and accidents along the highway.

    In rare situations, your packages or letters may not arrive until later than 6:30 p.m.

    If you mailed something Priority Express on a Friday and it did not reach the destination by 3 p.m. Saturday, you can actually get your money back.

    Priority Express Overnight Service is Guaranteed when you Pay Priority Express Prices

    Can USPS deliver mail Saturday night?

    USPS could deliver mail on a Saturday night, if necessary due to exceptional circumstances.

    While you won’t regularly receive your Saturday mail at 8 p.m., it could occur that something happened to make the carrier that late, perhaps once or twice in a lifetime.

    Delivery times of up to 6:30 pm are possible, but this depends on where you live.

    Does USPS Deliver On Saturday? (First Class, Priority + More)

    Why Does the USPS Not Deliver Mail on Saturdays

    USPS is normally open on Saturdays so they rarely forgo Saturday mail delivery.

    However, it can happen and the reason why is because of a Saturday bank holiday.

    Whether it’s Christmas, Fourth of July, or New Year’s Day, if it’s a day when the bank and postal service is normally closed, you will not receive any mail.

    For those sending out mail, your recipient will not receive their card or package until the next business day.

    And that might not be until the following Tuesday if the Monday is an observed holiday.

    It’s possible to reach someone on a Saturday if that is a necessity.

    USPS also offers holiday delivery.

    Holiday delivery comes with the guarantee of Sunday delivery. However, it costs additional $12.50 to ship holiday packages.

    For more information, please visit our articles about Sunday delivery, whether USPS delivers directly to the door and night deliveries.

  • Conclusion
  • The United States Postal Service considers Saturday a day for relaxation and rest, but for them it is business as usual.

    Saturday is a normal day for delivery. First Class mail will arrive on the same days as the rest of week. Mailers do not need to pay an extra fee for Priority or Priority Express delivery.

    Are Saturdays Business Days for Usps Priority Mail

    Priority Mail Express items and Priority Mail Express items are delivered by the USPS on Saturdays. The items from Priority Mail will be delivered in 1-3 business days for a starting price of $6.65. It is possible to avail the facility both online and at any Post Office.

    How Long Does Usps First-Class Priority Mail Take?

    It can take one to three working days

    What Sunday delivery is First-Class Priority Post?

    USPS will not ship First-Class, Priority or Priority mail to Sundays. But they can cover Priority Express packages and Amazon packages. Sunday delivery for Priority Express shipping costs an extra $12.50, but it comes with money-back guarantee that your item will arrive by 6:30 p.m. on the intended date.

    .Does Usps Deliver On Saturday? (First Class, Priority + More)