Usps Shoe Policy In 2022 (What Kind Of Shoes + More)

Nearly every job requires a dress code. The USPS follows the same standard.

What shoe materials are allowed to USPS employees?

For employees, all footwear approved by USPS is leather and leather-adjacent materials like hardy synthetics.

USPS Shoes aren’t allowed to use synthetic materials such as nylon or canvas.

Other shoe features that are not allowed for USPS footwear are as follows:

  • Shoes that measure more than 1 1/2″ in height and soles greater than 1/2″ high
  • Heels, with toes or open sides.
  • Handles with stainless steel taps
  • Except for those that are made with appropriate materials, moccasins, or tennis shoes, there is no way to wear jogging, running, or tennis shoes.
  • All shoes with netted material
  • Shoes that are no longer adequate due to disrepair
  • You can find the complete USPS Handbook here if you’re interested in learning more about safety for USPS employees.

    USPS Shoe Policy In 2022 (What Kind Of Shoes + More)

    USPS Employees Can Only Wear Black Shoes

    USPS employees cannot wear shoes that are not SR/USA listed at work.

    All SR/USA shoe labels are in black. With a few exceptions the USPS insists that any shoes worn for work be black.

    Although the USPS allows employees to wear shoes that are predominantly black, it does not mean they have to be completely black.

    USPS shoes can be tagged or have tongues other than black for employees. SR/USA shoes, on the other hand, have a blue tag indicating they are SR/USA.

    What Shoes Are SR/USA Labelled Shoes

    Shoes labeled SR/USA signify that shoes are slip-resistant, made in America.

    Shoes marked SR/USA must always bear a green label. They aren’t SR/USA labelled shoes if they don’t.

    In order to be eligible for workers’ compensation, you must have SR/USA-labeled footwear while at USPS.

    USPS Shoe Policy In 2022 (What Kind Of Shoes + More)

    Where Can You Buy SR/USA Labeled Shoes?

    Postal Uniforms Direct, where you can shop online for uniforms and shoes for USPS employees, is the best way to get your shoes.

    You can also find SR/USA labeled shoes through popular sites such as Amazon, Skechers, Webstaurant Shoes, New Balance, and Reebok.

    It’s likely easiest to shop for and buy SR/USA shoes online as it can be difficult to walk into a brick and mortar store and differentiate between SR/USA shoes and shoes that look like they could be SR/USA labeled.

    Why do you need to buy SR/USA-labeled shoes?

    The main reason USPS shoes policies should be followed is safety.

    SR/USA shoes are designed to be slip-resistant.

    Shoes SR/USA are also beneficial for the economy because they are manufactured in the United States.

    Another good reason to wear SR/USA labeled shoes is in case you’re hurt on the job.

    Worker’s comp is not available if the shoes you wear on the job are not SR/USA marked.

    For more information about USPS and how to work there, please read these guides. We also have guides for USPS orientations, including if you need to take the USPS exam or whether it’s a job that is federal.

  • Conclusion
  • USPS requires that employees wear SR/USA labeled shoes, which are black, leather, or leather-adjacent shoes that are slip-resistant, dust-resistant, and water-resistant.

    Almost all SR/USA footwear is black. USPS also requires employees to wear shoes that are not green SR/USA tags.

    You can find SR/USA labeled footwear online. However, you should purchase USPS boots and USPS uniforms at Postal Uniforms Direct.

    USPS employees are prohibited from wearing open-toed, closed-toed, and heeled shoes.

    Are There Any Shoes I Can Wear to Usps?

    USPS employees can only wear leather shoes or leather-adjacent material such as synthetics. USPS will not approve synthetic materials like nylon and canvas.

    What is the meaning of Postal Certified Shoes?

    Maybe you’ve noticed on the outside of your approved postal shoes a tiny black tag bearing the letters sr/usa written in green. Jan 18, 2011

    What Do You Think About the Dress Code For Usps

    931.26 Responsibility for Employees Uniform garments need to be properly fitted, maintained, and cleaned in a neat, tidy, and serviceable condition. For employees who work at retail counters, jeans, shorts and sleeveless tops are inappropriate attire.

    What can Usps workers wear in shorts?

    934.31 Shorts for Walking and knee-length Hoses. These shorts are only suitable to be worn with white or blue with a blue stripe crew socks.

    .Usps Shoe Policy In 2022 (What Kind Of Shoes + More)