Does Kfc Take Apple Pay In 2022? (In-Store, Drive-Thru + More)

The use of contactless transactions is quickly becoming a common practice for landlords, hotels, and retailers. Unlike traditional debit or credit cards, it’s much safer to use contactless payments for both businesses and customers.

  • Contactless transactions are becoming more popular and you may be curious if KFC uses it. Check out this article to see if KFC has adopted Apple Pay!
  • Does KFC Take Apple Pay In 2022? (In-Store, Drive-Thru + More)

    KFC to Accept Apple Pay by 2022

    As of 2022, KFC accepts Apple Pay at all its locations. KFC will also accept Apple Pay for delivery orders online and in-store. KFC will accept other mobile payments, including Samsung Pay or Google Pay. It is expected that the restaurant will soon welcome new payment options.

  • You will want to be able to pay for your meals at KFC using the various payment options available. Here is what I found out about using Apple Pay at KFC!
  • KFC Will Accept Apple Payment At Drive-Thru

    KFC accepts Apple Pay at its drive-thru.

  • For payments, tap the lock button (on right-handside of iPhone), and then place your finger onto the sensor to indicate “Done”.
  • Face ID iPhones can be authenticated by looking at their screen or entering your password.

    Does KFC Take Apple Pay In 2022? (In-Store, Drive-Thru + More)

    Apple Pay works at KFC.

    With an iPhone or iPad, you can make payments at KFC’s restaurants and drive-thrus. To pay for meals at KFC with your iPhone, simply follow the step-by-step instructions below:

    Step 1: In the App Store, search for “Apple Pay” and download the app to your iPhone.

    Step 2 – Go to your smartphone’s settings. Select “Wallet & Apple Pay” and then click the + button.

    Step 3. Select “Add to Cart” before you press “Continue”. Next, choose the payment option. Enter your debit or credit card details.

    Step 4: Apple will ask you to accept its terms and conditions. You can also verify information about cards that have been saved to your Apple account.

    Step 5: After you have completed the verification, your bank will authorize you to use Apple Pay.

    Step 6 – If you have an iPhone with touch ID, hold down the home button (or the lock button) on the screen until the display says “Done”.

    If your iPhone uses a face ID, you authenticate your purchases by looking at the screen or entering your password.

    Apple Pay at KFC: How do you use it?

    You can also use your Apple watch to make payments at KFC’s restaurants and drive-thrus. Use the below guide to configure Apple Pay on Apple Watch.

    Step 1: Go to the “My Watch” tab on your iPhone.

  • Step 2 Select “Wallet/Apple Pay”
  • Step 3: Input your details.

  • Step 4 Click “Next.”
  • Step 5: Wait for your bank verification.

    Step 6 – Double-click side button following bank account verification to reveal your default card.

    Step 7: Next, type your password. Then place your finger over the Apple Watch until it emits a sound.

    Simply follow the instructions above to add more cards to an account.

  • Apple Pay for KFC Online Delivery
  • KFC has an app which makes ordering from the restaurant easy. Here are some steps you should follow to use Apple Pay for KFC online delivery.

    Step 1. Sign in to the KFC app and create an account. You can also continue using the app as a guest if you do not have an account.

    Step 2 Choose your favourite restaurant and set a pickup time.

    Step 3: Place your order in the shopping cart

  • Step 4: Check your order and then click on “Continue payment.”
  • Step 5: Enter your contact and delivery information and choose Apple Pay for your payment
  • method.

    Does KFC Take Apple Pay In 2022? (In-Store, Drive-Thru + More)

    How safe is it to use ApplePay at KFC

    Apple Pay is safe to use at all KFC locations. Apple Pay, which allows you to securely, easily, and privately transact in all areas and countries that allow contactless payments, is one example.

    This app also protects your privacy, security and identity, making it much safer than debit and credit card cards.

    Apple employs device-specific numbers and unique transaction codes to ensure that your data is secure.

    Apple Pay has been available for quite some time now and many have had no problems using it. Due to its unique security feature, the mobile payment service is becoming more prevalent in the United States and around the globe.

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  • Conclusion
  • KFC takes Apple Pay as an acceptable payment method at its restaurants, drive-thrus, and online deliveries. Apple Pay only requires your Touch ID, Facial ID, and passcode in order to place an order.

    Apple Pay at KFC can be used in complete safety as Apple does not share any of your information with merchants or traders. Your card number will also never be stored on Apple’s servers.

    Apple Pay In DriveThru: Can you use it?

    Apple Pay will work in almost every McDonald’s restaurant in the United States. Apple Pay doesn’t cost anything and it is very easy to use.

    Is Kfc offering contactless pay?

    May 29, 2020

    Apple Pay Accepted where?

    B&H Photo is one of Apple’s many partners.

    Can Kfc Accept Apple Pay Canada

    KFC Canada iOS now supports Apple Pay. This allows iPhone/iPad users to pay their orders within the app, without having to reach for their credit cards.

    .Does Kfc Take Apple Pay In 2022? (In-Store, Drive-Thru + More)