Is There A Home Depot In Australia? (All You Need To Know)

Home Depot began as a small store with just one location in 1978. Today, there are close to 2000 stores across the United States.

  • Although Home Depot is predominantly based in North America, you may be wondering – is there a Home Depot in Australia? These are the results of my research.
  • Is There A Home Depot In Australia? (All You Need To Know)

    Are There Any Home Depots in Australia by 2022?

    Home Depot has no store locations in Australia at the moment, they are only present in Canada, Mexico, Northern America and North America as of 2022. Home Depot is not planning to open an Australia store due to fierce competition from Bunnings Home Hardware, Mitre 10, and Home Hardware.

  • Keep reading to discover more about Home Depot and whether it has plans to open an Australian branch.
  • Home Depot is opening its doors down under?

    Home Depot did not release any statement indicating expansion to any Australian territories or states any time soon.

    The reason the company is anxious to enter the Australian market could be due to its brief-lived experience in China, where every store was closed.

    A lot of Australian brands have loyal customers, including Bunnings.

    Master’s failed expansion to $3 billion was due in part to the loyalty of its customers.

    However, this is not to say the Home Depot will never come to Australia. Forbes is one of the leading business analysts who suggests the company move outside North America to ensure its continued growth.

    Is There A Home Depot In Australia? (All You Need To Know)

    Why are people so sure that Home Depot is located in Australia

    Surprised to discover that Home Depot’s headquarters are in Australia?

    Two key Home Depot stores are located in these areas.

    One Home Depot store is currently located on 50, Sydney Port Access Road , Sydney, in Canada.

    The second store is identified as the Melbourne store but is actually situated on North Wickham Road, Melbourne, in Florida.

    These names lead many to believe Home Depot Australia has locations, even though the fact is that it doesn’t.

    Does Australia Have Similar Stores To Home Depot?

    Australia might not have the Home Depot or Lowe’s stores. It does however have its own chain of hardware and home improvements stores.

    Bunnings currently operates 375 trading locations across Australia and New Zealand, as well as 6 Adelaide Tool stores.

    These stores can be found in the Australian territories of:

  • Australian Capital Territory – 5 Stores
  • New South Wales: 90 stores
  • Northern Territory: 3 stores
  • Queensland: 64 retail outlets
  • South Australia: 21 stores
  • Tasmania: 7 stores
  • Victoria: 75 stores
  • Western Australia.
  • Bunnings has a wide selection of stock, including:

  • The Plants
  • Gardening equipment
  • Exterior and interior lighting fixtures
  • Kitchen suites
  • Appliances
  • Heater and air conditioner
  • Floors
  • You can find building supplies here and many more
  • Additionally, Mitre 10 is another significant chain located down under that is popular amongst contractors.

    The retailer has branded a construction and building material supplier that sells concrete mix, aggregates, sands, pools, flooring, and more.

    Mitre 10 operates currently in all Australian territories in major cities, such as Melbourne and Sydney.

    Home Hardware, Toolmart and Home Timber & Hardware are some other well-known Australian home improvement and hardware shops.

    Is There A Home Depot In Australia? (All You Need To Know)

    Home Depot US Shipping to Australia

    Home Depot can ship internationally – just call or email their export team and they will help you determine if the product that you want to purchase to Australia is available.

    Be aware, however that international shipping could result in significant fees.

    Home Depot has international shipping charges starting at $109 and may charge additional duties.

    Note that the custom charges can depend on the weight and transport method your product uses.

    Home Depot can send international orders without requiring you to spend a minimum amount.

    Another option is to use third party shopping and shipping methods, which allows you to order a product at a set price and send it via another company.

    Big Apple Buddy for instance offers a personalized shopping service, and even ships to Australia.

    You can read our posts to find out more about Home Depot RLC & SDC.


    Home Depot is not open in Australia.

    Australia owns its hardware and home improvement shops, including Bunnings, Home Hardware and Tool Mart. Hanson Australia can be used by contractors to purchase a variety of supplies.

    .Is There A Home Depot In Australia? (All You Need To Know)

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