Target Clearance Return Policy

Target Clearance Return Policy In 2022 (Know Your Rights…)

Target, one the most popular retail stores in America, regularly offers deals and promos that save customers money.

  • Although these items have significant reductions in price, you may find yourself wanting to return a clearance item you bought from Target for various reasons. So what is Target’s clearance return policy? Here is what I’ve found out!
  • For 2022, Target Clearance Policy
  • Target accepts returns of unopened and unused clearance items purchased at Target,, or on the Target app as of 2022. Return these items within 90-days of purchase along with your original receipt. If you purchased the Target RedCard, return them within 120 days or one year, if they were bought from a Target brand.

  • You can read on to learn more about Target’s clearance prices, return policies, holiday or seasonal pricing, as well as whether Target will offer price adjustments.
  • Target Clearance Return Policy In 2022 (Know Your Rights...)

    Target is offering a return policy for clearance products. Clearance products can be returned to Target stores using one of the following items: Original receipt, Target App barcode, Target Delivery or Shipping Confirmation email.

    You can also return Clearance items bought at through the mail, which can incur costs of return shipping fees unless the shipping error was on Target’s behalf.

    Some merchandise cannot be shipped back or returned to Target Online Returns Centre.

    Additionally, you will be notified during the online returns process on if your item cannot be mailed back.

    These are the waiting times for each mode of payment.

  • Target RedCard – 1 to 2 days
  • A third-party credit card is available for 1 to 3 business days
  • Cash – 1 to 2-days
  • Also, it may take as long as 5 days to request a Target return via an Online Return Centre.

    How can I return items from clearance to target without receiving a receipt?

    Target will accept clearance products without receipts if the buyer can produce alternative proof.

    Target can search your online order if you purchased via Target RedCard. Visa, Mastercard Mastercard AmEx or Discover.

    Unfortunately, cash purchases cannot be tracked in this way.

    You can also access your digital receipt to verify your purchase of clearance items purchased online or by app.

    If you are unable to provide any proof of purchase, you will be refunded with a ‘merchandise return card’.

    This is only valid in-store at Target, and cannot be redeemed online at

    To verify your identity, all above situations require that you bring with you a form of valid government-issued ID.

    Target Clearance Return Policy In 2022 (Know Your Rights...)

    Can I Return Holiday And Seasonal Clearance Items At Target?

    Target allows you to return seasonal and holiday clearance items, but these items might have different return policies than Target’s regular policy. For example, altered return windows.

    Furthermore, shoppers online inform that they can return seasonal and holiday clearance products in-store. Customers will however only receive the price at which the item was on clearance due to their seasonal nature.

    Does Target Do Price Adjustments On Clearance Items?

    Target doesn’t allow price adjustments for clearance items. However, you can return clearance items within 90 days.

    If you buy a Target clearance item for $2, and it is reduced in price to $1 a week later, the adjustment would not be eligible as a partial reimbursement due to clearance status.

    Where can I buy Clearance items from Target?

    Clearance items are often located on the ends of endcaps in each department in-store. These caps can sometimes face a wall. It is not usual to see clearance shelves on the central walking aisles.

    Look for the large yellow sign with the clearance price sticker at the top of shelves. has a special tab that you can use to find clearance items.

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  • Conclusion: Target Clearance Return Policy
  • Clearance items can be returned to Target provided they are in good condition and within the return window. You must also retain the receipt.

    Target will not adjust prices for clearance items. Check the purchase receipt online or in person to verify if you can return these seasonal items for a partial refund.

    .Target Clearance Return Policy In 2022 (Know Your Rights…)

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