Target Tv Return Policy

Target Tv Return Policy In 2022 (Used, Opened Box + More)

Target Corporation
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Founded June 24, 1902

; 119 years ago





January 5, 1962

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George Dayton


John Geisse

Target Plaza


Nicollet Mall

Minneapolis, Minnesota

, U.S.
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1,926 stores (2021)


Area served
United States, Canada (formerly, see

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Brian C. Cornell





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Small Appliances

Revenue Increase


99.6 billion

US$6.539 billion (2021)
US$4.368 billion (2021)

Total assets

US$51.248 billion (2021)

Total equity

US$14.440 billion (2021)
Number of employees
409,000 (2020)




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Target, one of America’s largest retailers, is well-known for its wide selection of affordable electronics and entertainment products such as televisions.

  • Target may offer a return policy if you feel the TV is not right for your needs. Here’s everything I know about Target TV returns policy.
  • A Target TV Return policy in 2022
  • Target’s 30-day return/exchange policy for TVs is available as of 2022. Some holiday and member exclusions apply. You can return your purchase in-store and online. You can return TVs to Target without a receipt if you have an alternative proof of purchase.

  • Keep reading for more information about how to return a used or opened TV and the 30 day return policy.
  • Target TV Return Policy In 2022 (Used, Opened Box + More)

    How long do you need to return a television to Target

    Target accepts returns or exchanges on TV units, including brands like VIZIO and Element. It will take up to thirty days for the exchange of TV units (including brands such as VIZIO, Element, Samsung and LG), from the date of initial purchase.

    However, Target RedCard holders are eligible for an extended return period of 60 days instead of 30, as long as the payment was made through the RedCard.

    The 30-day period begins on December 26, if your TV was purchased during the holiday season (October 1 through December 25).

    Is it possible to return a TV from Target?

    Televisions bought in-store must be returned to Target. However, online purchases of TVs can be returned in person or by post.

    Returns in-store require that you bring with you the original receipt as well as a photo ID issued by the government and proof of the payment method you used.

    Target guests services are available at 1-800-591-3869 if your television is too large for you to carry or your vehicle is not suitable. They can also check whether your return qualifies for home pick-up.

    Target TV Return Policy In 2022 (Used, Opened Box + More)

    Do You Have the Right to Return a Used Television To Target?

    Target is not permitted to sell used TVs. But, store managers can allow you to return your TV if it’s in good condition.

    Contact Target Guest Services Associates to get help.

    Do You Have the Right to Return an Unopened TV to Target

    Target accepts TVs that have been open but not installed.

    Target typically accepts TVs which have not been used.

    To maximize your chances of getting a return on an opened TV, ensure that all accessories that were originally included in the box are present and you have the original receipt.

    Target TV Return Policy In 2022 (Used, Opened Box + More)

    What if you don’t have the receipt to return your TV?

    You can return a TV to Target without the original receipt if you can provide an alternative proof of purchase.

    Make sure you bring the form of payment as well as a government-issued photo ID. This will allow employees to check your order purchase history, and also the TV’s code.

    Target employees have access to the following payment methods for looking up transactions:

  • Visa, American Express and Discover credit cards
  • A debit card
  • Target gift card (you will have to bring the physical card).
  • Personal check (you’ll need to use a blank check with the same checking account).
  • Target Debit card
  • Target RedCard
  • Target Visa Card
  • The store cannot look at a TV purchased with cash. A receipt is required in order to accept a return.

    You can request a Target merchandise refund card if you are unable to produce any proof of purchase, such as a receipt or return barcode. Only one can be returned and they cannot be used in-store.

    Do you have the right to return your TV back to Target after only 30 days?

    Target will not accept any returns of electronic devices or televisions after the 30-day window.

    RedCard holders are only eligible to return TVs within 30 days to Target. They also get an additional 30-day extension for any Target return policies.

    Target TV Return Policy In 2022 (Used, Opened Box + More)

    Can You Return A Defective TV To Target?

    Target allows you to return any defective television within 30 calendar days.

    Alternativly, the TV may be eligible to be repaired or replaced if it is defective from the manufacturer.

    SquareTrade TV protection plans can protect your TV beyond its original warranty period.

    The plans cover normal wear and tear, but also mechanical and electric failures.

    To repair your TV or to replace it under coverage, please contact Target.

    Are You able to Return a Television To Target with or Without the Box?

    Targets will often accept televisions that have been returned empty-handed.

    You must return all accessories with your TV and keep the receipt for confirmation against the barcode.

    Target is not responsible for any damage or excessive wear to the television.

    Keep in mind that Target ultimately holds the right to refuse a return or exchange if the box is missing or damaged.

    Target TV Return Policy In 2022 (Used, Opened Box + More)

    How can you send a television to an online target? allows you to return TVs that were purchased online.

    This can be done by customers logging in to Target and finding the order that includes the TV unit.

    Choose “Return An item” to proceed with the printing of a label.

    Next, you should attach the label to the TV box and drop off your TV return package at any authorized UPS location, waiting for about 2 weeks for processing before you see your refund.

    To learn more, you can also see our posts on the Target Apple Watch return policy, the Target camera return policy, and the Target gift card return policy.

  • Conclusion: Target TV’s Return Policy
  • Target’s TV return policy is fairly lenient and offers customers 30 days to return or exchange their TVs, no questions asked.

    You can return TVs in an opened box, without a box, and without a receipt, although the store can withhold a refund or exchange in these instances if there is damage to the unit.

    How can I return an old TV that has been opened?

    If you are able to provide proof of purchase, including all original accessories and valid documentation, then it’s possible to return any unopened TVs or TVs with no box. The receipt must be included and you may also get your TV returned for a full or partial refund.

    Do I Need The Original Box To Return To Target?

    If you have your app, a receipt, or the card you paid with, Target will accept unused/unworn/opened returns without tags for the full 90-day return period. No box is required for Target’s return policy. As long as proof of purchase has been provided and the window remains open, returns are accepted without tags. January 30, 2022

    Can You Return Used Items At Target?

    5. You can return used items. Target’s return policy is extremely flexible. You can return almost any item that has been opened or used, as long as you don’t see obvious wear. You can even return worn clothing from Target brands!May 7, 2020

    Do You Need The Box To Return A Tv?

    They will accept the receipt if it is within 30 days of the return policy. The serial number printed on the receipt must match the serial number on your TV. You must return all papers, remotes, and other items with the receipt. The exchange option is for a similar item or a greater value.

    .Target Tv Return Policy In 2022 (Used, Opened Box + More)

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