Best Baby Hammocks Reviews

With so many baby hammocks available and most looking no different than the next, we’ve narrowed the list down to the best hammocks available for your baby. 

Please keep in mind that newborns need to be monitored, S.I.D.S mostly occurs before a baby reaches 6 months and most cases with infants from 1-4 months. Whether your baby sleeps in a baby hammock, crib or bassinet make sure they can’t roll over and clear any blankets or toys that can increase the risk of suffocation and follow the manufacturer’s direction. 


Amby makes the best baby hammocks on the market. It’s extremely breathable, it looks amazing and this is exactly what you came here for! This unit is pricey and ships all the way from Australia. The quality of the frame, material and packaging matches makes it worth it.If you are dealing with a restless sleeper or a short napper. Try out Amby hanging bassinet.

Bhorms is an affordable version of the popular Amby hammock.

Because not all baby hammocks come with stands, this durable stand made of strong steel. It is also easy to use and assemble.

Many parents would agree that this product is a nice addition to their children’s play area or room. It serves as a cozy swing and comfort nest made with high-quality and durable materials.

Baby Hammock For Crib Are Not Recommended

If you do decide to go with a baby hammock for cribs. Please don’t leave your baby unattended.

Baby Hammocks For Cribs Safety Review

There are some health physicians that will not recommend an infant hammock as they pose a suffocation risk. Unfortunately, two infants have died from the use of baby hammocks in 2009 and as a parent I want you to be aware of all the risks. Both babies were between 4-5 months old and they both rolled in their crib hammock and become wedged. 

The University of Auckland did a study on the safety of baby hammocks that you can read here. The study concluded that infant crib hammocks should not be used for unsupervised sleep however we would not recommend parents to get an infant crib hammock. 

 Please do not rely on manufacturers to ensure your babies well being. It’s our responsibility to keep our babies safe.

 recommends a few alternatives for parents looking to find a solution for their babies acid reflux or colic issue.

Alternatives to Crib Hammocks

3. Safest & Best Alternative To Crib Hammock: Leachco Podster

If your newborn finds it difficult to fall asleep in their crib or bassinet, much like mine did. This baby lounger provides an inclined cushion like a hammock would, but without the anxiety and risk that comes with a crib hammock.

If you’re terrified of your babies reflux or they suffer from colic. Having them sleep in an elevated position soothes their digestion, helps their bloating.

There very few parents that have issues with the podster and would recommend anyone thinking of a crib hammock to get this for their babies and sleep in peace.


If you still want to get something that acts kinda like a hammock, you can try SwaddleMe bed sleeper. It’s shaped similarly like a hammock but is actually a bassinet.

This sleeper lets you rock the baby, it adjust the height and bring it close to your bed. We believe this is a fantastic alternative to the more controversial hammock. Add the fact that it has its own light, provides vibrations and plays lullabies. 




This is not true hammock but a swing and hanging bassinet that can be installed and used anywhere as long as you have something sturdy and reliable to suspend it from. If you are looking for a baby crib hammock but are uncomfortable a crib hammock, we recommend the crib cradle. We love that it gently rocks the baby to sleep. 


Baby Hammock Conclusion

Before we even begin to consider an infant hammock, let’s answer the question are baby hammocks safe. We believe infant hammocks are safe as long as parents install them correctly and ensure their babies are protected. Newborns and infants that cannot support their body are at a risk of rolling on their stomachs if the hammock is tilted and not level.

does not recommend parents use hammocks that push babies chin to chest resulting in closed off airways. If the hammock does not fit your babies crib or poses a positional risk stop using it immediately and return it, please.

Do not use a hammock that pushes newborns head into their body, do not use a hammock made of non-breathable material and do not use a hammock that allows the baby to sag and touch the crib. If you enjoyed this article, be sure to check out our write up on best  thermometers or baby bottle warmer.

Products looked at that did not make the list.


Portable Cotton Baby Hammock

This portable baby hammock is made of pure cotton and comes with a natural wooden stand. It also looks good and is travel-friendly.
According to the handful of customer reviews online, assembly of this hammock is quick and requires no tools. However, it is much smaller than expected for a baby hammock.


Cotton Kids Hanging Nest

Cotton Kids Hanging nest, another product from LA Siesta, is very similar to the Joki Planet Koala. It is made with the same high-quality cotton materials. The only notable differences are the size and color schemes.
Parents attest that this product helps calm and comfort children, especially those with special needs. While it is great while it lasts, the material tends to rip at the top and seams within weeks.


Baby Hammock for Crib – Autbye 2017

This baby hammock is made to soothe baby and allow baby to comfortably sleep away from parents’ arms.
Parents report their babies slept better and longer in this hammock especially those with sleeping problems and gas. However, it has also been reported to provide inadequate support and pose a risk of suffocation due to the cheap material used for the base.


Saftey Risks :

● Safety concerns and issues for heavier babies and babies who can roll over
● Flimsy straps
● Comes with no directions


Crescent Womb Infant Safety Bed

Crescent Womb Infant Safety Bed is a hammock designed to mimic the comfort of the mother’s womb and minimize environmental dangers that may cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in young infants.
While some parents reported their babies getting a full sleep while in the hammock, many users complain of safety concerns and under-quality materials you get for the hefty price.

Saftey Risks

● Very expensive
● Too large for a standard crib
● Misleading safety certifications are only for the buckles and materials