Having a baby is a massive change, no matter whether they are your first your fifth. Each time, a mummy needs to be well prepared to welcome her little bundle of joy into her first room: the nursery. There are all kinds of things, from books to rocking chairs, that you might want to have in your nursery, but we’re going to focus on the essentials. There are guides that will make you believe you need five-hundred separate things to welcome your baby. We’ll tell you the real essentials: things that will make baby’s new home a much better place for the both of you.

This is an obvious one, of course. You want peace-of-mind at all times that your new arrival’s doing just fine. But you can’t be in the same room as them 24/7 as they get bigger. Two of the three major things you need are smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. You can get these from any hardware store and they come as combinations, too, which can be a lot handier than getting them separately. The other thing you will want baby’s side is a baby monitor. There’s a huge range of baby monitors you can get, but you don’t need to break the bank to make sure you have a good one.

Of course, your baby will need clothes and some of you will no doubt receive lots of clothes as presents. But there are some pieces of clothing you might forget to pick up amongst all those cute tops. BabyCenter has a list of the essentials your baby will need in their first three months, so be sure to check it out.
You will need an abundance of diapering supplies. Here’s a simple gist of what you’ll need in the nursery at all times:
  • Diapers
  • Fasteners (if you’re using cloth pre-folds)
  • Something to wipe with, whether it’s cotton balls in warm water for babies with sensitive skin or diaper wipes
  • Ointment for preventing rashes
  • A changing pad to put under your baby


You can also have a charging station right there in the nursery to save your back some trouble. Bounty.com has a helpful page you can visit here that can help you decide on the best changing station to buy.
Most important, of course, is the cot itself. Here is where the baby will be spending most of his or her time when not in your arms. If you want to know what to look for in a cot, Which.co.uk has a great guide on what factors to consider. The right cot can last you a long time, but you also need a fitting mattress and some quality nursery bedding.
You should also consider some mattress pads or waterproof covers that you can swap out when baby inevitably needs a new one.
We hope this guide has helped you recognize what your nursery needs to be baby-ready. If you’re also looking for non-nursery essentials, take a look at our must-haves for new babies and check out our article on cloth baby diapers.

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