Walmart Tire Warranty Explained 2022 (What’S Covered + Price)

Walmart sells several top tire brands at low prices. With such a selection available, you will definitely find what is right for you.

  • However, the best tire should last a lifetime. Walmart’s tires warranty can help you save money. For more details about Walmart’s useful warranty, please continue reading.
  • Walmart Tire Warranty 2022
  • As of 2022, Walmart offers two types of tire warranties. Walmart Road Hazard Warranty (40/$10/tire) provides coverage for flat tires, general wear and tear over the life of tires. The Walmart Lifetime Balance Tire Warranty ($56 per car) covers tire balancing or tire rotation services.

    These warranties are also available for purchase per-tire or the entire vehicle when tires are installed by Walmart’s Auto Care Centers.

  • For more details on each plan’s benefits, read the following!
  • Walmart Tire Warranty Explained 2022 (What's Covered + Price)

    How Long Is the Lifetime Balance Plan Warranty for Tires at Walmart?

  • This plan can cover you during the whole life span of Walmart tires.
  • It is approximately $40-$56 for each vehicle (depending upon your state), and covers all tire balancing, rotation and other services that may be required after the initial payment.

    This warranty plan can help maintain the health of your tires. It is also available at Walmart Tire & Lube Express stores.

    What Is The Road Hazard Warranty For Tires At Walmart?

    Road Hazard’s warranty plans cost approximately $57 per car or $14 for each tire. It covers maintenance.

  • This warranty plan specifically covers unforeseen road hazards damaging the tires and general wear and tear over time!
  • You will receive flat tire repair and non-repairable tire replacement within 25 percent of your tread wear.

    Additionally, the Road Hazard Warranty is upheld at all Walmart Tire & Lube Express locations nationwide.

    Walmart Tire Warranty Explained 2022 (What's Covered + Price)

    What is the difference between tire warranties at Walmart and other retailers?

    Both warranties cover the lifetime of your tire and both are comparable in price at $40 to $56 per car (for 4 tires).

    Walmart recommends that your tire warranty plan includes both the manufacturer and the end user.

    The Lifetime Balance plan, which covers only the actual fitting of the tires, is considered more important than the Road Hazard plan.

    How Long Does Walmart’s Tire Lifetime Balance Plan Warranty Last?

    The plan is good for as long as the Walmart tire has been bought with, up to the point that you either decide to stop using the tire or purchase another one.

    What Is Covered In Walmart’s Road Hazard Warranty For Tires?

    This plan is generally viewed as an ‘add on’ or ‘extra’ warranty in relation to the Lifetime Balance Plan for Walmart tires.

    For those who have a tendency to keep the same tire for a longer period of time, this plan can help. It provides both a warranty and a service for repairing the tire if possible.

    This warranty also protects tires from general wear, as well damage caused by potholes.

    Walmart Tire Warranty Explained 2022 (What's Covered + Price)

    What is the best way to file a Walmart tire warranty claim in person?

    If you have not previously scheduled an appointment over the phone, you can schedule an appointment in person by visiting your local Walmart auto care center.

    They may be able to serve you right away, however, this is dependent on their staff availability.

    Walmart’s Tire Exchange and Return Policy

    Walmart allows you to return an unworn tire within 90 days from the date of your initial purchase, even if there is no warranty.

    You must provide your receipt and any original tags, though whether the return is accepted is at the staff’s discretion and, therefore, can differ from store to store.

    Walmart’s Road Hazard Warranty allows you to exchange or repair your tires if they are damaged.

    Walmart Tire Warranty Explained 2022 (What's Covered + Price)

    What Can You Do If Walmart Denies Your Tire Warranty Claim?

    Walmart might deny your claim under your tire warranty. External services can appeal this decision.

    While you may find these external services useful, such as DoNotPay. If the decision is not in your favor, send additional evidence, explain more, and appeal. This is possible in person and over the telephone.

    You can find out more about Walmart’s automotive services by visiting our guide. We have guides that explain whether Walmart offers coolant flushes, transmission fluid changes, car stereo installation, key cutting, tire fitting, and other such things.

  • Conclusion
  • Walmart offers two different warranty plans to help you maintain and protect the tires.

    Both of these warranties are similarly priced, yet they offer slightly different services, with the Lifetime Balance plan covering the more fundamental fittings of the tires. Road Hazard warranties protect the tires against any damage that may occur.

  • These warranties will last the entire life of your tires. They can also be claimed at any Walmart Tire & Lube Express.
  • Walmart Tire Warranty: What Coverage Does It Have?

    Walmart gives a $10 tire warranty against road hazards. Walmart offers a road hazard warranty for $10 per tire. This covers unexpected road hazards and flat repairs.

    What’s a Tire Warranty?

    Tire warranties are different from most other consumer goods that provide a three-, six-, or twelve month warranty. They cover your tires until they reach a specific mileage or depth. They include tread life, material, uniformity, and workmanship.

    What’s the Cost of a Tire Warranty?

    These warranties usually cost around 10-12% of total tires cost. It covers: “damage the tire as a result normal driving”. Apr 12, 2021

    Is Walmart Road Hazard Worthwhile?

    It is not clear if the Walmart Road Hazard warranty is worthwhile. The minimum cost is $40. If you opt for the Lifetime Balance Plan, it will run you $80. The road hazard plan doesn’t last for long, making the Discount Tire plan a better purchase.Nov 2, 2021

    .Walmart Tire Warranty Explained 2022 (What’S Covered + Price)