Little Tikes Backyard Barbecue Get Out ‘n’ Grill BBQ Toy Play Set

Buy on Walmart This set of Little Tikes backyard barbecue allows little ones to get their grilling on, no matter the weather. It includes a two-tiered gas grill, complete with a clickable starter button and knobs. On the side, there are burners for cooking up the extras and storage below. It also comes with all the BBQ necessities, including a hamburger, hot dog, ketchup, and accessories for grilling.

The Best Toy Kitchen Sets on Amazon, According to Reviewers
KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen with Lights & Sounds

Buy on Amazon Buy on Walmart Look no further than the KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen with Lights & Sounds if you have been searching for the perfect play kitchen for your children. A fridge, freezer, oven, microwave, and washer are featured in the set. Open and close all the doors, and lights and sounds help bring to life all their culinary adventures. The counters look like granite for a sleek, modern feel, and there’s plenty of counter space for preparing meals.

Little Chef Frankfurt Cooking Accessory Pot and Pan Set

Give your little one the tools they need to make a gourmet meal all by themselves with the Teamson Kids Little Chef Frankfurt Classic Kids Cooking Accessory Playset before Dec 24 “Give your little one the tools they need to make a gourmet meal all by themselves with the Teamson Kids Little Chef Frankfurt Classic Kids Cooking Accessory Playset. This 11 pc. kitchen accessory is designed with shiny, stainless steel finishes, making it great for both boys and girls, and completes any set of Teamson play kitchens.”

Let’s Play House! Dust, Sweep and Mop Housekeeping Set

This six-piece play set gives children all the housekeeping tools they need to keep it clean! By Melissa & Doug Sized for children only and built to last the broom, mop, duster, dustpan, and hand brush are convenient to use and easy to store—just hang them on the included stand for neat, compact storage from the robust cords. (The dustpan can snap on any of the handles as well.) Natural-wood handles provide durability and a classic look; bright color pops keep the mix a lot of fun!

Let’s Play House Stir and Serve Cooking Utensil Set
Best Choice Products Wooden Pretend Play Kitchen

Buy from Amazon Buy from Walmart With this kitchen set, the realistic features are plentiful. It features a backsplash of faux marble and children can draw on the fridge’s chalkboard exterior. The stove lights up and even makes realistic noise with the ice machine. The pans and utensils look like versions of the real deal in miniature.

A dream come true for every young chef or baker

Your child can cook and bake in DUKTIG’s play kitchen, just like the grown-up master chefs on TV. There is a faucet and sink, a battery-operated cooktop with diodes, and cabinets to keep kitchen utensils handy. Adjustable legs, along with the cook, help the kitchen expand. Everything is produced from durable, recyclable materials and meets the world’s strictest safety requirements. And we have ensured that all dangerous chemicals are removed, just the way you want your food.

Let’s Play House! Grocery Cans Play Food set

With this collection of lidded cardboard play-food cans, Melissa & Doug Stock will have a pretend kitchen and you will have all the ingredients for colorful, imaginative play. Open and close, fill and stack, sort and match—for every taste, this set has a pretend-play flavor!

Best (less-expensive) corner toy kitchen set

“If you’re looking for a cute kitchenette to stand the test of time and rough kiddos, this is it!” KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen “one enthusiastic reviewer says. Reviewers also praised its “cool, retro look,” “high-quality” materials, and “detail level.” The total height of the kitchen is 36 inches, which is shorter than some of the other play kitchens on this list, so several reviewers recommended that your child be sure that the counter height is sufficiently high. You’ve got an in-law you can’t stand? Do you feel outstandingly passive-aggressive? If so, this is THE perfect gift to give, post-assembly, writes one reviewer. But they go on it looks so lovely gathered together that you’ll almost forget the pain it took.” It makes it totally worth the five minutes your child is enthralled by it.

Best-rated (less-expensive) toy kitchen set

Step2 Sweet Baker’s Kitchen This kitchen set comes with a 30-piece accessory set, a high chair for a doll, and ample storage space features that are missing from some of the more costly kitchen sets on this list for less than $100. “In fact, my granddaughter picked this out herself because she liked her baby’s high chair, which is attached to the side says one reviewer. She loves that she can cook all at the same time and feed her baby. “Another parent who gave this as a Christmas present says their kid liked it so much that they “called Santa on the phone and said, ‘Thank you, Santa.'” A third found the thoughtful details to be the pièces de résistance, such as “granite” countertops and an over-the-sink window: “A lot of accessories. Sounds and lights. High Chair Baby-doll. Countertops with granite! The window to the sink. What more could you have asked for? ”

Melissa & Doug Cook’s Corner Wooden Kitchen

Buy at Walmart Buy at Parents love this kitchen set from Melissa & Doug for the classic look of wood. It includes a sink, fridge, oven and cooker, all in bright primary colors. A working timer, a cutting board, knobs that click, and a swiveling faucet are realistic touches. Easy washing is made possible by the removable sink.

Cute Stone Pretend Play Kitchen Sink Toys

Buy on Amazon The Cute Stone kitchen play set contains everything that a little one may need for an option that works ideally in smaller spaces. It sits on a tabletop or floor. It features a kitchen sink and two stove burners, although it is compact. The stove runs like lights and sounds and even water runs through the sink. Accessories such as decorative fruits, veggies, and utensils also exist.

Toy Kitchen Accessories for the Playroom

Build a playroom that presents enough chances for plastic kitchen accessories to claim to be used. Pottery Barn Kids have play food and toy cooking sets that can be used alone or in combination with the play kitchens, which come in a variety of styles to suit the preferences of your child.

Little Tikes Cook ‘n Learn Smart Kitchen

Shop at Best Buy This kitchen package from Little Tikes is just perfect for little cooks. It is immersive and includes engaging, natural sound effects, such as the sound of food slicing, sizzling eggs, or rushing water to keep them engaged. There’s also an app that helps them, utilizing a Bluetooth-enabled computer, to play immersive learning games while they cook. For a full culinary kit, it also comes with 46 accessories, including fruit, utensils, and cookware.

KidKraft Farm to Table Play Kitchen Set

Shop on Amazon Buy on Walmart Thanks to this toy, children just may be inspired to consume their vegetables. There are window boxes in the kitchen that can be packed with carrots and red onions, which can then be cut into pieces by teenagers. Of instance, they’re not really dicing and slicing, but the knife may be used to separate the pre-cut veggie bits. The stove and sink make noises, and in the ice maker there are also three cubes.

Best toy kitchen set with (faux) grill

“Step2 Grand Walk-In Kitchen & Grill “Wow… When they see this in their playroom, you should have seen the faces of my two granddaughters on Christmas Eve. “One reviewer writes, “They totally love it and have prepared some amazing recipes, but parents are just as pleased by this kitchen and barbecue, mostly with the amount of extras that come with it. In addition to ‘2 frying pans, 2 pots and one kettle that all work on the stove top (making sizzling or bubbling noises properly),’ one reviewer states, adding,’ It also comes with Loads of gadgets like play food, 5 spice bottles, 2 bowls, 2 cups, 2 forks, knives and spoons, 1 colander, 1 ladle, 1 spatula, 1 mixing spoon, and 1 serving spoon. ”

Best toy kitchen set for small spaces

The best thing about this kitchen is the storage and its scale. Step2 Downtown Delights Play Kitchen One parent of this compact-kitchen play kitchen writes that it can hold a ton of artificial foods, which is perfect about how thin it is. “It doesn’t stand out much at all from the wall, and it provides all of the bigger wood bells and whistles.” Another considered it to be a great match in their tiny living space, meaning it’s not as big as most, but still has tons of features to keep your little one busy,” such as a microwave, refrigerator, freezer, sink, and 24-piece accessories collection. Others noticed that the gender-neutral gray tones make it perfect (and won’t compete with your living-room decor) for siblings and playmates. A tip: While the directions advise you to put the stickers on after installing the machine, one reader learned that this move is simpler to complete first.

Fridge Food Set Wooden Play Food Set

These “chilled” wooden groceries are unpacked in your play fridge and freezer by Melissa & Doug for super cool” food play! Great for make-believe or for numbering, sorting and more as novel manipulatives. Fruit juice, waffles, milk, whipped cream, cheese, cookies, bologna, frozen broccoli, and butter are among the nine wooden parts.

Little Chef Boston Play Kitchen Set

With the Teamson Kids Little Chef Boston Classic Kids Kitchen Playset, give the little ones a kitchen of their own. This retro-style play kitchen is built with a white look and natural wood highlights, making it perfect for boys and girls, and completes every playroom at home, classroom, college, or daycare. The practical and immersive interface includes openable oven and microwave doors, 3 tuu tu.

Childcraft Outdoor Mud Kitchen Set

With this striking wooden outdoor grill and kitchen unit, kids will light up their imaginations. With a transparent plastic grill tray grill tray and 3 turn knobs below, a stainless steel drain, and a faucet with optional attachments to hook to a normal garden hose for actual flowing water, the Sturdy Play Set is fitted. Easy configuration needed. Includes the hardware and manuals. The full device measures 47-3/4 inches W x 21-1/4 D x 32-1/4 H.

Little Chef Paris Play Kitchen Set

With the Teamson Kids Little Chef Paris Classic Kids Kitchen Playset, give the little ones a kitchen of their own. This retro-style play kitchen is built with a classic white finish with rose gold highlights, making it perfect for both boys and girls, and completes every playroom in the house, nursery, childcare, or daycare. The practical and interactive concept includes a fridge with a microwave and an oven.

Cute Stone Little Kitchen Playset

Buy on Amazon With this kitchen package, there’s a lot going on, which can mean kids are not going to get bored too fast. Over 30 accessories, including ice cream for a revolving dessert rack, are available. Although the stove produces a few noises and also sprays water to mimic steam, the drain is working. Parents would enjoy that it is quick to install and has quite a bit of storage such that while not in operation, the components can be packed away.

KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen

This award-winning kitchen package, which is well-built, simple to install, and big enough for many kids, would enjoy buying on Amazon Kids. This involves a number of functional appliances, including a microwave, refrigerator, freezer, burner, and drain. There’s even a phone and a functioning chalkboard where children can write the meal of the day or the chef’s notes. Without any wild colors or inexpensive plastic parts (it’s made of wood composite), this play kitchen has a practical style.

Urban Adventure Play Kitchen Set

With this product give your little ones a kitchen of their own. This retro-style play kitchen is built to be perfect for both boys and girls with a classic white look and metallic highlights, and it completes every house, nursery, childcare, or daycare playroom. The practical and collaborative architecture involves an open oven, refrigerator and microwave doors, a refrigerator-integrated chalkboard and drink dispenser, 3 oven turning knobs, 2 oven burners, a storage cupboard, a drain, and…

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Especially during a pandemic spent indoors, one of the best ways to keep young children occupied is by stimulating creative and skill-building play. And when we talked about the best children’s toys before including the best board games for STEM toys bikes, and Montessori Method-approved toys here, we rounded up the best toy kitchen sets for aspiring chefs of all ages, as lauded by Amazon’s most optimistic reviewers.

Grocery Companion Play Food Set

This Supermarket Companion Play Food Package by Melissa & Doug includes all that children three and older need to store shelves and shop! There are over 80 things to play with including products such as an apron, conveyor belt divider bar, and a fabric shopping bag, a completely packed grab and go rack (gum, granola bar, paper, and more!), cash, cards, and coupons, and supermarket boxes and cans! The Melissa & Doug Fresh Mart Grocery Store plays well with this package!

Best Toddler Play Kitchen Sets

I decided to keep it as inexpensive as possible while shopping for the right toddler kitchen collections, provide high-quality fabrics, and provide a range of designs. (I confess, however, I naturally steer towards more neutral colors!) And because I realize so many of us struggle with limited rooms, I have attempted to incorporate play kitchens that are often somewhat smaller in size.

Best vintage toy kitchen set

This retro kitchen is over the top! KidKraft Vintage Kitchen in Blue One reviewer reports, referencing all his little info. The microwave can be switched from the outside by hand, which makes it seem like a regular functioning microwave,” another explains, adding, “The over knobs, as you switch them, click just like a real one. It is possible to switch the sink knobs as well. Compared to other play kitchens, it’s pretty realistic looking. Almost a quarter of reviews are also surprised by the consistency. “Apart from the handles/fixtures and smaller pieces, the frame/kitchen is entirely wood, making this a very sturdy toy,” one says, but this also comes at the expense of installation, which reviewers claim is tricky. “One even says, “It is like putting together a steroid Ikea rack.” But as another concludes, “It was absolutely worth the time we spent putting it together.

Homemaking Cookie Baking Set

Let your little one appreciate her holidays by playing with the 34 Piece Cookie Baking Play Kit from Melissa & Doug. 12 cookies, eighteen fun toppings, knife, spatula, kitchen mitt, and cookie sheet are included in this baking package. The wooden architecture promises years of consistent use. The food package for this play is multicolored. Kids simply enjoy making sweets, and for hours, this baking package keeps them busy. True cookies reproduce it. Melissa and Doug’s 34 Piece Cookie Baking Play Kit is…

Best corner toy kitchen set

KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen With Lights & Sounds, Espresso Many reviews classify it as “easy” to assemble this toy kitchen package, although many notice that it takes a few hours to assemble it. “The assembly took me approximately 3.5 hours, but it was honestly very simple (it only had lots of pieces) and was well-balanced throughout the assembly, so I didn’t need anyone else to hold pieces for me,” describes one. Another person who created a compilation of pros-and-cons just had assembly notes on the good side: “Each piece was clearly marked with a number or letter, step-by-step instructions for the picture.” “With minimal effort, pieces fit together.” And once it’s together, many agree with this reviewer who states, “This was worth the nearly $200 I paid for it as it holds up well and is a success among infants. One parent writes, “The children on my daughter’s birthday descended on this thing like a band of wild hyenas.” “It was simple (if not chaotic) for all six children to play with this thing at once, thanks to its architecture. They love to play though the windows by moving around the back, and there are several doors to unlock and buttons to push. We also included some LED stick-on lights, adding to the game.

Best wood toy kitchen sets

Due to the high-quality materials especially wood and particle board rather than plastic, KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen Reviewers are consistently pleased with the overall durability and longevity of this kitchen collection.

Grocery Play Accessory Set

This colorful Supermarket Play Accessory Package of preassembled play food boxes and a reusable shopping list allows an enjoyable pretend-play activity on its own or perfectly complements a play area with the theme of a children’s kitchen or grocery store. Ten cereal meal packets, cookies, and candy make up a whole pantry-full of realistic food boxes. Raisins, cereal, biscuits, pancake mix, popcorn, macaroni and cheese, quick pudding, spaghetti, crackers and bars of granola are contained in the packets.

Best-rated toy kitchen set

Step2 Fun With Friends Kids Play Kitchen With over 6,000 ratings, this Step2 toy kitchen is a success with a broad spectrum of ages from 18-month-olds to 8-year-olds and big enough to play side by side with two girls. “Worth one hundred percent of the money. Keep children active and enjoy preparing and learning about food. Quite sturdy and adorable,’ one reviewer said. “Another bought the set for her 1-year-old grandson and says “hundreds of hours” of playtime is provided: “It IS THE BEST EVER! He turns 3 in June, I have to tell you, and this little, beautiful kitchen is still going high… He said he wanted to be a popular chef! Several others mentioned that the coffee station and additional items that include a package of dinnerware, flatware, fake condiments, and two dog bowls are big gifts that children love, and while a few reviewers notice that you need a power drill for installation, most considered it to be a perfect purchase for the price.

Imaginative Culinary Play

When creating all sorts of cooking recipes with their very own play kitchen package, your child would enjoy utilizing his or her creativity. Combine your plastic kitchen with one or more of our play food sets and play kitchen equipment, and the possibilities of pretend play are much more thrilling, truly scaling up your playtime! You’re going to enjoy seeing your kid copy what he sees you do around the home, including preparing tasty meals and serving them to you, washing dishes, making coffee and so many more!

Mixer Play Appliance Set

My Mixer for Kids by CP Toys is a realistic kitchen gadget for children to interact with in a safe way. Classic architecture and theme. The color of the tea is elegant, vivid, and smooth. A portable mixing cup, rotating paddles, and 2 AAA batteries come with this mixer to run. With a single button to turn on and off, this computer is fast for kids to toggle on and off. Parents don’t have to think about this commodity getting washed – we even ease the operation! Only cut the mixing bowl and spin out the paddles…

Cookware Dishes/Tea Set

KidKraft from $16.99$17.99 Delivers Before Dec 24 The KidKraft Kitchen Play Collection is a perfect addition to the play kitchen for your kids. This collection of kitchens is robust. This playset for the kitchen is small in weight, and your children will serve their dishes in it.

Uptown Play Kitchen Set

Time to cook for a bit of pleasure! There is a hip, futuristic look to our Play Kitchen Package that young chefs are sure to enjoy. Each appliance, like doors that open and shut, knobs that turn and press, and a functioning chalkboard on the freezer frame, is interactive. This sleek kitchen, made from composite wood, is a durable and trendy addition to playtime.

Play Kitchen Sets

Gourmet kitchenettes are all the rage for test games! Your aspiring chef will be delighted to prepare a feast for the entire family in KidKraft’s life-like children’s toy kitchen. Every one of our play kitchens, constructed of sturdy materials, is built to survive the rigors of playtime. When you shop with us, explore a selection of kids’ kitchen playset designs to fit your playroom needs.

Kids Kitchen Sets

Both of my girls have always loved to pretend to play, and I know that to help them develop social and emotional skills, this sort of dramatic play is necessary. And while I enjoy having children cook in a real kitchen, I love seeing children go completely into the land of imagination to build an entirely new environment for themselves! And it’s a super enjoyable thing to do together to play pretend with food in a child kitchen and it will open up a conversation and chat about real food. Win it, win it!

Kid’s Kitchen Set

Make-believe that preparing meals was never so enjoyable! The broad range of imaginary play kitchens, restaurants and food play sets from Melissa & Doug lets children buy, cook and serve snacks and special treats. Develop mail-set invites and deliver meals on children-only furniture. Melissa & Doug Free Delivery at $49+

Our Top Picks

At Amazon Step2 KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen Comfortable Kitchen at Amazon KidKraft Supreme Corner Play Kitchen at Amazon Little Tikes Prep ‘n Learn Clever Kitchen at Best Buy Step2 LifeStyle Custom Kitchen Playset at Amazon KidKraft Homestyle 2 Piece Kitchen at Amazon Adorable Stone Kitchen Sink Toys at Amazon Step2 Best Chef’s Kitchen at Pottery Barn Kids Chelsea All-in-1 Kitchen at Potteryba Kitchen This may differ from configurations that fit perfectly in even the smallest of corners to more complex versions with hundreds of accessories. Any way, to inspire the enjoyment of cooking and to learn more about food, they are great.

Play Food Set

By KidKraft Arrives Before Dec 24 This package is ideal for use with some of our cookware or play kitchens. The inventive variations are infinite with too much variation. How about a sandwich with a banana or a pizza with ice cream? Kids would love to discover the culinary possibilities of chocolate, veggies, fruits and more.