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Best Car Seat Travel Tray

Best Car Seat Travel Tray

With so many new startups making the best car seat travel tray for toddlers and over a dozen available on Amazon. Many of them not very different than the next. We took the time to go thru and find the best children car seat travel trays you should consider. If you’ve ever taken a long road trip with your baby or toddler, you’ve probably wished you had something to keep the little one occupied. We reviewed some of the best car seat travel trays on the market below. So you can make an informed decision.

1. Kids Car Seat Travel Lap Tray

  • CONTENT KIDS = HAPPY PARENTS: KEEP YOUR sanity & arrive on time. After years of long-distance travel our ROAD TRIP WARRIOR parent’s consortium PERFECTED this car seat tray, including every useful travel tray feature kid’s need to stay happy, engaged and content. Your ears & fellow passengers will thank you.
  • KEEP TUMMY'S FULL & HANDS BUSY - Space saving dry erase board doubles as mess-containing eating tray, then easily restores to like new clean with a few wipes of a damp paper towel, without ghosting, staining or looking dingy.
  • THE ULTIMATE VIEWING EXPERIENCE - Tablet stand secures tablet in place, allowing kids to watch and interact hands free, so you can let kids use electronics, without worrying about them crashing to the floor
  • ARRIVE WITHOUT THE MESS - On board zipper storage pockets provide your kids easy access to their art supplies, snacks and small toys, keeping them neat and organized until you arrive at your destination.
  • ENVIRO-SAFE AND BUILT TO LAST A LIFETIME - Because we know kids love getting years of use from this tray, and parents appreciate keeping things out of landfills, we engineered this tray from the sturdiest, most durable, “toddler resistant” materials and reinforced stitching.

The Kids Car Seat Travel Lap Tray by Comfy Outings is an excellent example of how a simple design can provide what you need. This Lap Tray features a large play area that measures fifteen inches wide and twelve inches deep, providing plenty of space for projects or snacks on the go! The car seat travel tray also includes straps to tie around your child’s waist so they remain safe while driving-no more worries about them falling off their car seat in the backseat if not securely strapped down. And don’t forget this car seat travel lap tray doubles as a messenger bag too, perfect for storing supplies like crayons and toys when out on adventures with kids first thing in morning before it gets dark outside.

The Kids Car Seat Travel Lap Tray by Comfy Outings is a simple, creative way to make the drive more enjoyable for your little one. This car seat travellap tray features an adjustable strap that buckles around you while driving and provides stability for drawing or board games. The large play area makes it easy to spread out snacks and toys too! The Comfy Outings Kids Travel Tray is a great way to keep your child entertained in the car while the kids travel. The durable materials and machine washability make it easy for parents, as well as making clean-up hassle free!

Best of all, this tray features four low profile border walls that are firm so crayons or food won’t roll off onto the floor–and there’s even a deep cup holder built into it too! The Kids Car Seat Travel Tray is an innovative piece of car seat travel gear, which solves the problem of where to put your notebooks and other large items while traveling. The car seat travel tray features a durable material that can be washed in machines with ease- something not found with many competing car seat travel trays. It also has four border walls so you don’t have crayons or food rolling off onto the floor from inside it’s built-in cup holder!

2. Kids Backseat Organizer

  • Make Your Car Organized: ONE PIX car back seat organizer come with 8 large pockets, your stuff will be at hand when traveling.
  • Clear Tablet Holder: It can hold a tablet to make your kids quieter or some devices which allow to watch video or movies.
  • Safe & Durable: Made of waterproof, safe, high-quality durable materials.
  • Adjustable Strap: Quick-release buckles make a easier installation and can be used in any vehicles.
  • What You Get: 2Pcs car backseat organizer with touch screen tablet holder,8 storage pockets,contact us if you have any problem.

The Kids Backseat Organizer is designed to hang from the car seat in front of your child. This car travel tray includes plenty of adjustable components that are guaranteed for a perfect fit, no matter what size or shape you have! The hanging system allows you to adjust both the height and angle on this handy device as well as move it forward or backward so they can feel comfortable throughout their car ride. Plus since these organizers are built out over an extended surface area, if there’s ever any spills we know everything will be contained with ease – keeping them safe while maintaining cleanliness during those long road trips!

The Kids Backseat Organizer is designed to hang from the car seat in front of the child. This car travel tray features plenty of adjustable components that are built to last and provide reinforced backing for handles and straps so your little one can get out without taking on their ride! The hanging system allows you adjust height, as well as both angles, which means they’ll be able to create a perfect experience no matter where or how long the kids travel. The Backseat Organizer makes trips long and short more enjoyable for kids. With this product, they can store all their favorite things in one place – from crayons to snacks!

The organizer has a strong drawing surface that is both durable and spacious enough for any toy or electronics you want your child to bring on the ride with them. It’s perfect because it comes complete with an easy-carry strap so no matter where we’re going, this will come along too! “The Backseat Organizer is a great solution for kids who want to take their favorite toys and books with them wherever they go. The cover that goes over the car seat  travel tray not only keeps spills from happening but also provides plenty of room for crayons, snacks, drinks, or anything else you might need on your next adventure!”

3. Premium Panda Kids Car Seat Travel Tray

  • 3-IN-1: Say hello to Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White and their Disney Princess friends! This 3-IN-1 product features a travel lap tray, tablet/iPad holder and travel bag all in one! Perfect for virtual learning on-the-go. Use in the car, on airplanes, on a stroller, on the couch and in many more on-the-go locations. Officially licensed Disney product.
  • STURDY: Travel lap tray provides a sturdy surface for schoolwork, coloring, toys, snack time and more.
  • STORAGE POCKETS: Two detachable, mesh storage pockets hold crayons, markers, pencils, snacks or toys. Zippered large compartment holds coloring books, worksheets and more.
  • TABLET HOLDER: Clear window protects tablet while still allowing you to control the touchscreen. Universal size fits all tablets and ipads.
  • DURABLE: Wipe-clean materials. Travel tray folds in half for compact storage.

The Premium Panda Kids Car Seat Travel Tray is an excellent choice for any parent looking to keep their child entertained on long trips. This car seat travel tray features a touch screen friends iPad or Tablet holder so that your child can watch videos during the ride, and it even has space for headphones in case you want some peace. The entire thing zips up neatly when not using it, taking all of those gadgets with them when they’re tucked away! The Premium Panda Kids Car Seat Travel Tray is an excellent choice for any parent looking to keep their child entertained for a long trip.

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It features a touch screen friends iPad or Tablet holder so that your child can watch videos on long trips and listen in high fidelity while you enjoy peace of mind from the front car seat! The car travel tray zips up neatly, allowing it to be easily stored when not being used. You even have two options: remove the tablet holder and hang it by itself where multiple children at once can view its contents; use this removable piece as part of your car’s entertainment system with other devices installed around it via Bluetooth connectivity–talk about cutting-edge technology! The Premium Panda Kids Car Seat Travel Trayis

4. Kidsmarter Toddler Car Seat Travel Tray

  • 3-in-1 harness booster helps protect your child, from toddler to youth
  • Grows with your child from forward-facing harness (22-65 pounds) to highback booster (40-100 pounds) to backless booster (40-100 pounds) to continue to meet industry standards, we have increased the weight minimum from 30 to 40 pounds
  • No-rethread simply safe adjust harness system allows the headrest and harness to adjust together in one motion.Do not use bleach
  • Lightweight, portable seat is ideal for busy, active parents
  • One-hand, 8-position adjustable headrest grows with your child
  • 2 easy-to-clean cup holders keep your child's drinks and snacks close at hand
  • Open-loop belt guides help properly position your vehicle’s seat belt
  • Seat pad, body support, and harness covers are comfortable and machine washable
  • Graco ProtectPlus Engineered: A combination of the most rigorous crash tests that helps to protect your little one in frontal, side, rear and rollover crashes
  • Meets or exceeds the child restraint criteria for a frontal crash test under the US FMVSS 213

Think about how much fun your kids can have while on the go. With Kidsmarter Toddler Car Seat Travel Tray, they’ll be able to play with their toys and eat at the same time! The car seat travel tray features an attractive blue design that is easy for parents to keep clean and comes in a lightweight package of just over one pound. The car seat travel tray has four high walls so food won’t fall off or roll away from snacks onto floors (nevermind our carpets!). The sides are sturdy enough not collapse when we put pressure against them as well as large removable pockets perfect for drinks plus crayons which make it convenient because you can clean those parts easily too. We also get small mesh pockets perfect for holding other smaller items like treats or napkins.

The Kidsmarter Toddler Car Seat Travel Tray is a must have for parents on the go. Featuring an attractive blue design, this car seat travel tray will keep your child’s toys and food from rolling off onto the floor while providing plenty of entertainment with four high walls to draw or play games. The sides are sturdy and won’t collapse into their playing area like other car seat travel trays can do; they also feature large removable pockets that clean easily in case of spills – perfect for drinks! There are even small mesh pockets along these same walls where you can store snacks. A fresh new way to get out there with peace of mind knowing what easy access items need during your trip!!

5. Modfamily Kids E-Z Travel Lap Desk Tray

  • ✏️ THE TRAY YOU WISH YOU HAD: With our activity trays for kids, your child will have easy access to all of their snacks, coloring supplies, and activities to stay entertained while on the road. Our play tray table includes foam and plastic tray inserts to create a solid, flat surface for your baby to write and color on. You will wish you had a tray like this when you were a child!
  • ✏️ TRAVEL IN COMFORT: Lap desks encourage creativity and decrease the amount of bickering in the backseat. Featuring a zipper-protected pocket and expandable storage to hold notebooks, crayons, snacks, or a puzzle, our large lap trays are bigger than most others on the market, measuring 12” x 15” x 3”! Patent Pending!
  • ✏️ EASY CLEAN UP: Along with keeping all the loose ModFamily Paint Sticks, crayons, markers, and food in one place to make cleaning your vehicle easier, our lap desks also easily wipe down after any spills and are machine washable when needed. While your toddler is using a lap desk, you can focus more on the road and not worry about digging for that run-away crayon or snack.
  • ✏️ CARRYING MADE SIMPLE: Whether you are on a road trip or prefer air travel, your child can choose to carry their lap desk as a backpack or as a messenger bag and take it wherever they go! Traveling is easy. Simply thread the strap through the loop in the middle of the tray, and you can create loops to form a backpack. You can also keep the strap long so your child can wear it as a messenger bag.
  • ✏️ ENTERTAIN WITHOUT ELECTRONICS: Encourage your child’s pure imagination and stimulate their brain by allowing them to be creative on your long road trip or on that dreaded doctor's appointment. As the perfect parent accessories, our lap tray allows you to entertain your kid on a busy or boring day and keep them from fighting with their siblings without having to stick them in front of a screen.

The Kids E-Z Travel Lap Desk Tray is a lightweight and simple solution to the travel tray problem. This product features a foam and plastic insert, which will provide your child with flat surface for writing or drawing on while traveling in order to keep them entertained! The larger than most size of this panel ensures that they can entertain themselves for hours at time as well! Four sturdy but low profile edges also ensure food doesn’t roll off onto the floor so no one has to worry about cleaning up after messy eaters anymore.

A zipper protected expandable storage area provides ample room enough not only store an Ipad or notebook, but even small items such as crayons too – all without taking away from their use space on top of it’s own screen. The Kids E-Z Travel Lap Desk Tray is a lightweight and simple solution to the travel tray problem. This design features an improved foam insert for more stability, as well as storage space large enough for a notebook or tablet! The four sturdy edges on this lap desk tray will help keep crayons from rolling away while your child has fun playing with them. It also features zipper protected expandable pockets that can be used to store items like phones or keys too!

6. Bo Innovation Kids Travel Tray

  • Dice-rollin' battle game
  • Includes 5 dice and shaker
  • Yahtzee comes with 100 score cards
  • Shaker doubles as a storage case
  • Great family fun

This kids’ travel tray by BO Innovation is a great start to your search for the perfect traveling companion. This model features an easy-to-clean and high quality 900D Gucci nylon material, which provides more than enough space on top of it’s sturdy table – seventeen inches across and 12″ deep! The animal kingdom design will captivate any child as they play with their snacks or meals while you’re out & about. Extra long straps make this product compatible with almost all seats (it even has detachable mesh pockets that are also machine washable). This children’s travel plate from IKEA helps keep them entertained in between stops so you can focus on what needs doing at hand without worrying about spills too much.

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It comes If your children are always on the go with you in tow, this kids travel tray by BO Innovation is a great place to start. Designed for durability and strength of materials, this model features a large, sturdy table seventeen inches across and over 12-inches deep. The high quality 900D Gucci nylon material provides an easy washable tabletop that also includes captivating animal kingdom designs! Extra long straps make it compatible with any baby or toddler seat while detachable mesh pockets allow unobstructed viewing from all angles without fear of spills thanks to their button design – perfect for parents who have no shortage of messes at home!

Best Car Seat Travel Tray
Rank Top Car Seat Travel Tray Quick Overview
1 Kids Car Seat Travel Lap Tray The Kids Car Seat Travel Lap Tray by Comfy Outings is an excellent example of how a simple design can provide what you need
2 Kids Backseat Organizer The Kids Backseat Organizer is designed to hang from the seat in front of your child
3 Premium Panda Kids Car Seat Travel Tray The Premium Panda Kids Car Seat Travel Tray is an excellent choice for any parent looking to keep their child entertained on long trips
4 Kidsmarter Toddler Car Seat Travel Tray Think about how much fun your kids can have while on the go
5 Modfamily Kids E-Z Travel Lap Desk Tray The Kids E-Z Travel Lap Desk Tray is a lightweight and simple solution to the travel tray problem
6 Bo Innovation Kids Travel Tray This kids’ travel tray by BO Innovation is a great start to your search for the perfect traveling companion

What Are The Benefits of a Car Seat Travel Tray?

Using them as a table for feeding.

By making the car seat travel tray a feeding table, you can keep your vehicle mess-free. It is possible for the cup holders to carry sippy cups and water bottles.

Turn it into a place for entertainment.

The best travel trays for car seats include a tablet holder or a small sleeve for a laptop. They’re able to help keep your child happy.

You haven’t spent much time picking up puzzles, crayons, and coloring books from the car floor if you felt Lego pieces were a hassle. Since they have several mesh pockets, side pockets, and sleeves, children’s car travel trays are perfect organizers.

Travel trays for car seats that turn into backpacks are fantastic. All your children’s items are stored in one location, which is very handy when you’re traveling.

Best car seat travel tray reviews in order:

1. Coolmum Kids Travel Tray Activity Organizer




Coolmum Kids Travel Tray Activity Organizer

This toddler tray features a padded frame made with honeycomb-like material. The side walls are a good height and fairly study. This is a newer company in this market and we would have liked to see a tablet holder. We did like the removable mesh pockets and with a bonus coloring set, we believe this will make any parent happy. With so many new start ups making toddler trays for travel and over a dozen available on . Many of them not very different than the next.

Travel Tray For Car Seat

CONVENIENT Kids Car Seat Travel Tray – Also great as a stroller tray for kids, infant car seat tray. The Kids Car Seat Travel Tray Organizer includes a large pocket and a cup holder. Easily clean up spills with waterproof plastic on the surface of a tray.

2. ORGANIZED EMPIRE’s Detachable 4 in 1 Kids Travel Tray




ORGANIZED EMPIRE’s Detachable 4 in 1 Kids Travel Tray

ORGANIZED EMPIRE delivers when it comes to a travel tray. This unique travel tray transforms into a bag, detaches in the car to become a separate car seat travel tray, organizer and tablet holder. We love this car seat travel tray.

Best Toddler Travel Tray

We love that this backseat tray easily transforms into a bag, keeping all the contents inside and back into the house. With clear PVC cover, any car transforms into a backseat media player. If you have a child older than 1, we recommend this portable car tray. We would have loved if they had more colors available.

3. The MC Republic Car Seat Travel Tray




The MC Republic Car Seat Travel Tray

The MC Republic makes a great car seat travel tray for any kid. The car seat travel tray’s side walls are tall and sturdy, the base features a removable front edge that stops anything from rolling off the tray. We love that this tray has one of the highest walls, we love that it comes with a game board ready to play.

Best Kid Travel Tray

We also love that the side mesh pockets are removable. We would love if Republic had colors for parents that don’t want bright green for their little one.

4. Kenley Kids Travel Play Tray




Kenley Kids Kids Travel Play Tray

Kenley Kids travel tray has sturdy tall walls, we love that the walls can collapse as they are in place via velcro. We love all the pockets. Kenley travel tray is one of the few that provides padding on the straps that around your kid.

Best Travel Tray For Car Seat

A few things we would like to see changed is the velcro stability piece, we do realize what it’s for but let’s face it, most parents will lose this piece. We liked that the tablet holder is see through but they do still have a bezel.

5. ModFamily MOD-7 Car Seat Travel Tray




ModFamily MOD-7 Car Seat Travel Tray

ModFamily E-Z Tray is safe and sturdy. It can be worn as a backpack with a variety of places for storage, it even comes with two removable mesh pockets.

Car Tray For Kids

We really that ModFamily kept it simple and easy to use, but the fact that the car tray walls are not sturdy or high enough took points away from being a real contender. We also did not like the position of the cup holder. We did really like the price point and think it’s perfect for the budget parent.

6. DMoose Toddler Car Seat Travel Tray




DMoose Toddler Car Seat Travel Tray

Dmoose has the best selling car seat travel trays to date and for a good reason. With a 4 inch wall almost all the way around and many straps to safely keep toys in. We found that the base to be sturdy but forgiving keeping your little one safe.

Travel Tray For Car Seat

The material is a nice beige polyester and pearl wool for easy cleaning and waterproof surface. Since first reviewing this car seat tray, Dmoose went out and created a version 2 but we still prefer the original over it. In their updated car seat travel tray, they improved the stability of the car seat travel tray and added mesh pockets.
Dmoose offers travel trays in 7 colors, the most! And we love it.

What Are The Things to Consider When Buying a Kids Travel Tray?

  • Sturdy Base

A car seat activity tray need to have a sturdy base so kids can enjoy their activities without the base drooping. The base should be sturdy during activities but be forgiving during an accident. The car activity table materials need to have the perfect trade-off, as safety is any parents first priority. Some car seat trays have cup holders in the middle or at the corner of the base. While this is a logical place to put a cup holder, we found that many toddlers complained once a full cup’s weight was on their legs. Parents also found their kids were more likely to sit crooked as having a cup resting their leg was unconformable. We prefer a toddler car seat with cup holder or a flat base with attachments coming in off the reinforced sidewalls or against the outside of the base.

  • Side Walls

Sturdy and high walls are a must in travel tray for car seat. If crayons and toys are falling off the car seat travel tray at every turn, the product fails to make the life of parents easier and annoys children. Many car seat lap trays do not offer reinforced walls, while others have the walls so low it fails to do what it was designed for. Think of the base as a home and the walls the fence. So, in choosing toddler car seat tray it must be stable.

Sturdy Tall Side Wall

Short Weak Side Wall

  • Material

We all know kids can be messy eaters. Every tray should be made of a composite material that is easy to clean and sturdy for the abuse an upset child can throw at it. It should be tear proof while at the same time being comfortable and safe for your sweetheart. As a parent, you want the best for your child and with many companies selling toddler travel tray they should be offering the best.

  • Safety

Keeping a child safe is an everyday matter. Every parent knows the risk of driving and we don’t ever want to think about a scenario that involves our little one but we have to be prepared. The biggest advantage of these travel desk for kids is it keeps our babies occupied so we can keep our attention focused on the road, but if anything did happen. This car table for toddlers cannot prohibit or get in the way of built-in safety features in the car and car seat.

What is a Car Seat Travel Tray For Toddlers?

A kids car seat travel tray provides a flat contained surface for children to occupy themselves with any activity. If a child wants to color, read or play with toys a sturdy flat surface is ideal.

During a long road trip or a short drive around the block, some kids need activities to keep them busy while the caretaker safely drives. Travel tray for car seats, much like the name suggests are designed to be used in vehicles. They are soft yet sturdy, hard yet brittle in an accident. The best car seat activity tray offer a wide range of features, from easy to clean, perfect size, many compartments, drink holder, a tall wall for items not to fall off, and easy to transport and store. We look at the different types of car seat travel trays available, the pros and cons to each so you can make the best choice for your kids car tray table and your needs.

Thanks for reading through this short little review about the best kids car seat travel tray . Leave a comment if you have any questions or check out our most recent posts below.

What Are The Best Car Seat Travel Trays of 2021

Family Traveling with children means that with your little ones you get to spend quality time. But we do not escape the reality that your beautiful car seats can be destroyed by infants. They can snack and play in the vehicle, and leave behind a big mess in the process. The least you can do is to get the right travel tray for car seats.

In one of these car seat travel trays, you can guarantee that the mess does not enter the seating and other components of the car that are difficult to clean. These car seat travel trays, however, differ in scale, content, and style. Are you unsure about which one to buy? From the hundreds out there, our car seat travel tray analysis will help you narrow down your choices. And to make shopping much simpler, we even have a purchasing guide.

How to Buy the Best Car Seat Travel Tray?

1. Compatibility There is no uniform size, but all kinds of car seats are compliant with most car seat travel trays. Car seat travel trays are connected around the car seats’ arms and come with an elastic harness and buckle to go across the infant. The car seat travel tray ‘s support is assured by the change, and the infant can comfortably reach all the objects on the car seat travel tray.

You may try the portable car seat travel trays that are added to the front of the seat for older children. That said, certain travel trays may be designed exclusively for some models of cars or seats, and so you still need to check that it will work on your car style if you select one.

2. Scale and Shape Had you followed our analysis, you would have found that both of the above suggested goods have distinct measurements. The prototypes are often original, too. To fit more items, others have more pockets and extensions.

If you will ask your child to make a choice about the style they want, that would be best. Of course, you will make the ultimate selection, but it is necessary to recognize the viewpoint of your child as well as the one who would use the tray.

3. Kids are sloppy eaters, and for almost everything other than nutritional items, they make messes. They spill watercolors as well as food products. It is vital that you use waterproof material that is simple to clean and sustain. These materials can be found in polyester, and there is even a nylon-reinforced material that makes a solid framework. The foundation is mainly layered and comes with a minimum of 4 layers, holding the seats covered. Composite materials are mostly used to produce these items. Make sure the materials you select are washable, sturdy, and simple to maintain, especially when selecting a travel tray for toddlers for a car seat. One more thing, make sure it is lightweight regardless of the material you select.

Children do not like hard goods since they are unpleasant for them to manage. Pockets One of the best qualities of a top-rated travel tray for car seats is that they have more pockets to hold possessions. Most of these car seat travel trays have mesh pockets, pen holders, and an iPad pocket for children to organize their things. Without a question, these car seat travel trays go through tremendous violence. Ease to clean and stock.

Cleaning should not be as difficult because they are constructed of waterproof material. If you have a non-waterproof tray, though, washing would be a challenge. As for storage, make sure that you select a product that you can keep in the car itself. It can then be folded into the most portable format, meaning you can store it anywhere in the car comfortably.

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