Can I Drop A Package In A Usps Mailbox? (+ Other Faqs)

USPS boasts more shipping locations than any other US shipping service provider, with over 143,000 USPS mailboxes/collection boxes readily available around the clock.

  • What are the limitations on what packages can be left at USPS mailboxes to drop off? This is what I learned after I researched this matter.
  • Are there any USPS mailboxes available?

  • USPS has a total of around 143,000 active collection boxes in use around the country, so it’s highly likely there’s one near you!
  • Therefore, to find an active USPS collection box to drop your packages and mail at, simply visit this page of the USPS website.

  • Once you reach the site, type in your zip code (or the ZIP code where you want to find a collection box), and then click the scroll-down menu button to select “Collection Boxes”.
  • Next, all available collection boxes should be filled within the specified distance.

    As a general rule of thumb, USPS typically places collection boxes in areas with higher foot traffic and population density for consumer convenience.

    Can I Drop A Package In A USPS Mailbox? (+ Other FAQs)

    How do you drop a package off at a USPS mailbox?

    Dropping off a parcel in a collection container is similar to dropping off mail at the postoffice, but no one is available to help you.

    It is important to ensure that everything you ship is properly packaged and secured, and weighs no more than 14 ounces.

    After you have completed both these steps, make sure that the label and return address information are correctly affixed to the package.

  • This will result in your package being returned to you once the collection boxes are empty. If the above steps are not completed correctly, the courier will send it back to you.
  • What Can You Not Drop Off In A USPS Mailbox?

    The ability to drop off packages at USPS collection box is great for expanding your consumer options, however there are some restrictions regarding what you can put at the collection boxes.

    The most prominent and widespread of these restrictions is the ban on international mail.

    Although you may drop your international mail at USPS Collection Boxes, it is important to verify all customs information online before you send the package.

    However, international mail that is subject to customs declarations and that includes postage stamps can not be shipped from any USPS collection box.

    Another restriction on shipment made from collection boxes is the package’s weight.

    A collection box’s packages must not exceed 14 ounces in weight.

    However, some companies, such as Stitch Fix, allow you to return products.

    It is best not to mail a parcel weighing less than 1 lb if you want to make it your first shipment.

    It is also a good idea to verify the box’s sign. Some allow parcels, while others don’t.

  • Keep an eye out to see if there are any warning signs at your local collection box.
  • Additionally, you cannot drop packages off in USPS collection boxes that are restricted, hazardous, or perishable items.

    Can I Drop A Package In A USPS Mailbox? (+ Other FAQs)

    How Frequent Do USPS Mailboxes Get Emptied?

    USPS Active Collection Boxes are usually filled by the route assigned courier every day.

    The USPS worker at the station scans the barcode on the collection container to verify that the item has been picked up by 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

    However, collection boxes can get emptied at any point on a courier’s route.

    So, even if you drop your package at the collection box before 5 pm, it’s possible the courier already picked up that box and won’t be back until the following day.

    If your shipment is urgent or depends on tracking heavily, you might consider a collection box instead.

    For more information about USPS you can visit our USPS blog posts: USPS Priority mail vs. First-class and USPS mail.

  • Conclusion
  • Most USPS mailboxes, also known as collection boxes, allow you to drop off packages to be shipped.

    However, you can only drop off specific packages in collection boxes.

    Parcels should be no heavier than 14 ounces and must include the correct address for return, shipping label, postage and customs data online.

    But, there are certain items that cannot be dropped off by mail: anything hazardous or perishable; any international mail type that requires customs information.

    It is also easy to locate a collection container, since you can search the USPS website for one in your area.

    .Can I Drop A Package In A Usps Mailbox? (+ Other Faqs)

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