Does Usps Print Labels? (Is It Free, Types Of Labels + More)

United States Postal Service made sending and receiving mail a simple, easy aspect of every day life.

An extension of the federal government’s executive branch, USPS offers affordable prices on all kind of shipping, from standard size letters to 70-lb. parcels.

But does USPS print labels for their customers? Is it possible to use a home printer? We have the solution you are looking for.

Does USPS Print Labels? (Is It Free, Types Of Labels + More)

Are USPS Labels Printable in 2022

Customers can use the United States Postal Service’s shipping label generator to create their own labels and have them printed at-store for free. This label print service is mainly for those who do not have a printer, and for small business/eCommerce store owners. While USPS can print labels for free, the shipping fee is not included.

  • Learn more below about what it costs for USPS to print labels.
  • Is USPS allowed to print labels for free?

    USPS will print shipping labels without charge. However, the actual shipping label is not free.

    Let’s start from the top.

    Only recently, the U.S. Postal Service announced they had merged their Label Broker program with Click-N-Ship.

    Click-N-Ship is the feature on their website that allows customers to print shipping labels from home.

    USPS claimed that it was addressing an issue many Americans face, namely the lack of printer access.

    These people noted that the lack of access to printing was an issue with increasing numbers of workers working remotely.

    The Label Broker/Click N-Ship integration makes it simple for small businesses and customers to have access to shipping labels whenever they are needed.

    While the shipping label must be purchased (and will vary in price based on the package), the printing service provided by USPS comes at no additional charge.

    For eCommerce store owners, for example, who anticipate or want to provide free return shipping to their customers, the Label Broker makes it free and incredibly convenient for that customer.

    What Types Of Labels Will USPS Print For You?

    USPS will print whatever types of labels their Click-N-Ship service supports.

    That includes Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail Express Express, Priority Mail International, Priority Mail International and Global Express Garanted.

    You must make sure that the USPS label is attached to the packaging because the customer (or you) are printing it in the post office.

    The label broker feature does not allow you to print the labels at your post office, then bring them home.

    Remember to take the packaging to the USPS mail office with you.

    Does USPS Print Labels? (Is It Free, Types Of Labels + More)

    Are You Looking for a Prepaid Shipping Label at USPS

    Label Broker may not be available at all post offices.

    That can all be done on the Location Finder Tool.

    Enter your location and a list of post offices near you will appear. Click on each address to see the details.

    If Label Broker can be supported in the store it will be added to the list of “Services Available at this Place” as you see below.

    Label Broker appears to be a fairly common feature in post office locations.

    Even if your nearest post office doesn’t offer it, you might be able expand your search to up 100 miles.

    Will USPS Print A Shipping Label From Your Phone?

    You can bring your Label Broker-generated QR code into a post office for printing in two ways.

    You can first show your USPS teller QR code using your phone. This is the most straightforward. Simply scan the QR code on your phone and have it printed.

    You can bring in a printed version of the QR code.

    Does Usps Print Labels? (Is It Free, Types Of Labels + More)

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