Free Po Box For Homeless People (All You Need To Know)

On average, half a Million Americans will become homeless in America by 2021. Lack of regular mail delivery is one major problem that homeless people face.

  • Perhaps you are curious about what the USPS does to make sure that homeless persons have easy access to their mail. I was interested in the same thing, so I researched the matter, and here’s what I discovered!
  • Free PO Box For Homeless People (All You Need To Know)

    Can A Homeless Person Get A Free USPS PO Box In 2022?

    Since 2022, homeless individuals without a permanent home can receive free US Postal Service PO boxes. This service is available to those who fill out an application. The local Postmaster will then approve the requests. If you don’t meet the criteria for free delivery, General Delivery may still be available.

  • You can find out more information about signing up for an USPS PObox and the benefits of General Delivery for people who aren’t eligible.
  • How can a homeless person sign up to receive a USPS PO BOX for free?

    It is not just about mailboxes and driveways that the Postal Service has committed to deliver mail to all addresses in the United States.

    The government agency that is guaranteed constitutionally to U.S. citizens also makes sure the homeless continue to receive mail.

    If you are homeless or have a family member who is, then fill out an application.

    For all PO box requests, however, the Postal Service still uses PS 1093 as the application.

    Fill out the application as completely and accurately as possible.

    After that, your next step is to physically take the application to your closest Post Office location. With that, you must do this because you will have to speak to the Postmaster of that building.

    Also, there’s one area on the application that might cause some alarm – the identification section.

    Additionally, eligibility requirements for homeless people are different from those for non-homeless individuals because of the fact that identification can be difficult for them.

    If you are applying for a PO Box free of charge because you are homeless, these must be met:

    A valid document of identification is present (state-issued driver’s license or passport). ).

    You don’t need a valid ID to prove your identity.

    To allow the Post Office to contact you when required, you must have a point of contact. This could be your cell phone number (or that of someone close) or an email address.

    You may also use the phone number of someone you trust, your place of work, shelter, charity, or social services office.

    If the Post Office has been given one contact point, such as the number of a friend, and then you lose access to that phone number, the Postmaster must be notified.

    A key will be issued to you and you will be allocated a specific box if your application is approved. You can access the lobby or PO boxes 24 hours a days, which is a benefit for larger or busier Post Offices.

    But, you can check online at to see what your hours of access will be.

    Furthermore, If you have access to the internet and an email address you can sign-up for Informed Delivery.

    That way, if you can’t access your PO box every day, you can at least see what’s being delivered.

    Free PO Box For Homeless People (All You Need To Know)

    Is Your USPS POBox Application Rejected?

    You might get denied for an American Postal Service PO Box.

    First and foremost, if you don’t have any of the requirements necessary to set one up, the Postmaster will not be able to approve the application.

    The Postmaster may not approve your application if there is no contact person.

    A denial would also apply if the applicant doesn’t possess an ID or isn’t recognized by the Postmaster.

    Oder, a denial might mean that the Post Office does not have available PO boxes. If you are in this situation, and you live somewhere with several locations, then you may be able to choose a different location.

    However, you have another choice if this is not possible or would result in undue hardship.

    What if a Homeless Person doesn’t meet the requirements for a Free PO Box?

    If a homeless person doesn’t meet the requirements for a free PO box, all hope is not lost. Instead, the Postmaster could set them up for General Delivery.

    General Delivery can be used by many people, with varied lifestyles.

    General Delivery: The Post Office keeps mail at one location for its customers.

    However, the major downside of General Delivery vs. a PO box is that PO boxes are accessible at any time, whereas General Delivery is only accessible during retail hours.

    General Delivery, which is still free to homeless people, can be used while you wait for your PO box to become available.

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  • Conclusion
  • The USPS acknowledges the problem of homelessness in America and addresses how it can impact access to basic necessities that Americans take for granted.

    The Postal Service strives to ensure dignity and equality by offering PO boxes and General Delivery services for homeless people.

    .Free Po Box For Homeless People (All You Need To Know)

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