Usps Auctions In 2022 (How They Work, Bidding + More)

It is frustrating to lose a parcel sent by the Postal Service. Although the agency tries to find the missing information, they are not able to retrieve it.

  • The package is then sent to the USPS Mail Recovery Center. After a period of time, it might be sold off. Are you curious about USPS auctions? For more information, continue reading
  • USPS Auctions In 2022 (How They Work, Bidding + More)

    What are the USPS Auctions 2022?

    United States Postal Service will auction any unclaimed or lost mail left in its Mail Recovery Center over a period of at least 90 day. Once a value of at least $25 has been confirmed, with no Missing Mail searches active, items may be put up for auction on the site as of 2022.

  • To learn more about how USPS auctions work, where they’re held and how to receive the winnings, who can bid on auctions and more, keep reading for more facts!
  • Does USPS Auction Lost Mail?

    However, the United States Postal Service can auction off lost mail after it’s been in the Mail Recovery Center (MRC), for at least ninety days.

    Additionally, items must have an estimated value of $25 or higher for them to be eligible for USPS auctions.

    Atlanta, Georgia: The MRC can be found in a bland building that is very secure and restricted in access. There is little information about how the USPS auction process works.

    USPS Auctions In 2022 (How They Work, Bidding + More)

    How do USPS Auctions work?

    The USPS Auctions wouldn’t have been possible without lost packages.

    It is important to remember that mail sent by the Postal Service will be delivered to the intended recipient.

    How do packages reach the auction website?

    The parcel cannot go further if it falls apart in shipping, such as if an Amazon Echo Dot was purchased and sent to your family at Christmas.

    This means that there’s no address written on the parcel itself. The mail clerk will open the package and examine it for clues like a postcard addressed to the recipient.

    However, if a clerk is unable or unwilling to determine where the package went, it will be sent to Atlanta USPS Mail Recovery Center, (or MRC).

    Once the parcel arrives at the MRC, staff examines it again to see if there are any clues that could indicate a origin or destination.

    If the parcel is not identified as belonging to someone and has a value of at least $40, the item can be offered for sale.

    You have until the end of March to file a Missing Mail Claim.

    However, if your description isn’t quite specific enough and they can’t locate your item, USPS is within their rights to put up the item for auction after 90 days.

    USPS has a lower likelihood of selling a package separately and more likely will add it as part of a lot list. This could be part of an electronic pallet listing, with a starting bid of $2,500.

    Here’s how you can bid:

    Now, if you’re interested in making bids and purchases from USPS, you can go to

    GovDeals is the government-contracted site that runs auctions for any/all government agencies that might have eligible items. You can sort everything by type as well as location.

    You can tell USPS MRC items by the location – Atlanta Surplus Center, GA.

    In order to place a bid, sign up for an Account. The payment must be received within the given time frame, usually in five days.

    Once you have won, schedule a pick up appointment to arrange transportation.

    It is especially important because USPS auctions often come with large lots and sometimes trailer-fulls. To transport it, you will need to have a truck or heavy-lifters.

    GovDeals stresses that there are not returns or refunds. It means you have agreed to pay for the items “as it is”. Any loss is yours.

    Where is the USPS Auction Held?

    Auctions for USPS are conducted online via You can find all the information you need by browsing this site.

    Because you need to pick the items up, you can search by place.

    USPS Auctions In 2022 (How They Work, Bidding + More)

    How much can the USPS earn from auctions

    The Postal Service has not disclosed the amount of profit they earn from auctions to replace lost mail.

  • The news media tried to crack the secrecy veil but was left empty-handed. They made one firm statement, “The information you requested is being withheld completely.”
  • The station then went on to say that in the previous year (2018) USPS made about $11 million off the sales (and in 2013 it was $8 million).

    Although it is likely to fluctuate each year it would not be unreasonable for USPS to make millions of dollars in profits every year. Budget-wise, it still represents a small drop in the bucket.

    Is it possible to bid on USPS auctions?

    An auction by the USPS is open to everyone in America over 18 with sufficient funds.

    In order to bid on a project, you need an account. After that you will pay either by credit card (which can only be used if you’re under 18) or via wire transfer.

    Only USPS employees, their immediate family members and other USPS personnel are exempt from the 18+ rule.

    For more information about USPS you can see our post on USPS holding packages for how long, USPS insurance packages and USPS sorting facilities.

  • Conclusion
  • After checking that packages aren’t delivered using GovDeals, the United States Postal Service offers lost packages for auction online.

    These sales are a source of income for the agency, and they help to prevent these items from being thrown away.

    What is Usps in the Bidding?

    In many ways, the USPS can be described as a “union shop”. Bidding on a job is really bidding on an opening (in your craft) that is in the same grade. The job goes to the most senior bidder. Different rules apply if you are promoted to the position.

    Where Can I Buy Unclaimed Mail?

    Once the unclaimed mail has been auctioned off and then sold in bulk to vendors and e-commerce sites, you as an individual can buy one or more of them as mystery boxes from the vendors online or in-person. There are also options to buy in bulk from auction sites like GovDeals or Feb 1, 2022

    Do you have the right to purchase unclaimed packages at The Post Office

    Here’s how. This is how it works.

    What can the Usps do about unclaimed packages

    If items can’t be delivered or returned, the Postal Service donates, recycles, discards, or auctions them off. Although it is a high-risk proposition, the auctions of unclaimed goods are very popular among resellers.

    .Usps Auctions In 2022 (How They Work, Bidding + More)

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