Usps Says Delivered But No Package (What To Do + More)

  • It can feel sometimes like you have one eye on your mailbox while waiting online for your order. The tracking information updates to “Delivered” suddenly appear. But, there is no package!
  • Although you may think you’re crazy, it isn’t. While the USPS tracking system can be fairly accurate, it does sometimes go wrong. Keep reading this article if you have concerns about missing or undeliverable packages.
  • USPS Says Delivered But No Package (What To Do + More)

    Why Does USPS Say Delivered But There’s No Package?

    A package that’s marked as “Delivered” but is missing could be the result of a USPS scan error, or that the mail carrier put the package in a hard-to-see location or accidentally delivered it to a neighbor. However, if neither of these situations is the cause of a missing package, contact your local post office to retrieve your package’s location.

  • Keep reading this article to find out why USPS hasn’t delivered your package, what you should do if your package has not been delivered, as well as other useful facts and tips!
  • Why does my package say delivered, but not here?

  • If the tracking information shows “Delivered”, however, there is no shipment to see, this could indicate that USPS’s GPS system may have marked your package incorrectly.
  • Expect to receive your package by the following day. Please be patient.

    It is possible that your package was not delivered to the address you have requested.

    In order to confirm, check around your mailbox, in the bushes, under stairs or anywhere a package might be left.

    Also, ask neighbors if your neighbor received your package. A mail carrier may not be familiar with the route and may confuse your apartment number with your building number.

    USPS Says Delivered But No Package (What To Do + More)

    What Should I Do If My Package Isn’t Here But It Says Delivered?

    GPS is used by the USPS to transport packages. It is possible for a package not to be delivered on time.

    Most cases your order will arrive within a business day.

    You should still contact the USPS post office if your wait has been longer than 24 hours.

    Talk to the postmaster on the call. They should be able contact your mail carrier to get the latest information.

    USPS may be unable or unwilling to help you if your package is still not showing up 7 days later. The claim can be filed at your nearest postal office or online.

    Postal workers are required to search every stage your package has gone through from drop-off to delivery when a Missing Mail claim is filed.

    Most cases of missing mail involve packages that were scanned but never placed onto a vehicle to deliver or were forgotten.

    Therefore, starting a Missing Mail request resolves these issues and gets the package where it needs to be.

    Are Packages Delivered by USPS Before Delivery?

    Most cases, USPS does not mark packages as delivered until they are delivered.

  • However, post service audits found various scan errors that caused undelivered packages being marked “Delivered”.
  • When a package arrives in the USPS system for scanning, there is one problem. A USPS employee can scan a package using “Delivered” instead of “Accepted”. The package will then be marked “Delivered” even though it was not yet delivered.

    Scan errors can also occur when mail carriers scan a package to indicate that it has been delivered at another location. A house, apartment, or business can be scanned as “Delivered” by a mail carrier.

    If a carrier scans a package as “Delivered” at a location other than the delivery point–before delivery is even attempted–a customer would see the package status as “Delivered” or “Delivery Attempted” even if no action was taken.

    Unfortunately, scan errors are more common than you’d think.

    A USPS audit found that 191 packages out of 1100 had been delivered and were waiting in their delivery units to be picked up.

    USPS Says Delivered But No Package (What To Do + More)

    How can USPS show my parcel as Delivered if it was just sent?

    You might see a USPS tracking # that shows a delivery status even though it was just created.

    USPS may have used a recycling tracking number to explain why you are seeing this message.

    Check the information of the tracking number to see if it has been recycled. If the tracking number has been recycled, it will show a delivery date and destination that does not match your package’s destination or origin.

  • A recycled tracking number could also contain a note noting that the label has been “Archived”
  • A high volume shipping through USPS results in recycled tracking numbers. USPS receives more than 20,000,000 packages each day. It isn’t uncommon for USPS staff to reuse some tracking numbers.

    If you believe you are dealing with a reissued tracking number, it is best to wait.

    Once the post office scans the label, the tracking information will be updated to reflect the correct information.

    Another reason your just-shipped package says “Delivered” is that USPS scanned your package incorrectly.

    Tracking information that was sent by USPS will display your package as delivered if it is set to Delivery instead of Accepted during scanning.

    Unfortunately, the tracking number won’t be updated with any subsequent scans.

    A USPS representative will be able provide updates by checking the internal tracking database.

    Call 1-800-877-83339, or drop by the local postoffice to get more details about your tracking information.

    If you want to know more, you can also see our posts on how fast is USPS ground shipping, if you can reroute a USPS package, and if USPS reused tracking numbers.

  • Conclusion
  • Many reasons can cause a USPS shipment to appear as delivered when it is still missing. You can have a package marked delivered but not yet received by the USPS.

    Sometimes the package may have been delivered to a neighbour or placed in an unfamiliar place. If none of these apply to you, then checking with your local post office and eventually filing a Missing Mail claim may be your next step.

    .Usps Says Delivered But No Package (What To Do + More)

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