Verizon Nurse Discount

Verizon Nurse Discount In 2022 (How Much Is The Discount + More)

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Verizon is one of the largest wireless carriers in the United States, offering several discounts for customers in specific career fields, including nursing.

  • So, do you want to know about the Verizon nurse discount, like how much it is and how it works? Continue reading to learn more about the Verizon nurse discount.
  • Verizon Nurse Discount In 2022 (How Much Is the Discount + More)

    What Is the Verizon Nurse Discount In 2022?

    Verizon Nurse Discount is given to both respiratory therapists (nurse) and to other healthcare professionals in 2022. Verizon will require that any person signing up for a discounted rate use Further documentation and verification may also be needed. You will need to validate your employment each year.

  • You want more information on the Verizon nurse discount. For example, how do you verify your nurse status to qualify for the discount. If so, continue reading to find out that answer and more!
  • How Much Is the Verizon Nurse Discount?

    Verizon offers nurses discounts that may vary depending on how many connected phones they have to their account. The current discounts offered include the following:

  • 10% off your 1st phone every month
  • 25 percent off your first or third phone
  • You don’t get any discount for being a nurse if there are 4 or more phone accounts.

    Verizon Nurse Discount In 2022 (How Much Is the Discount + More)

    Do All Verizon plans qualify for the nurse discount?

    Unfortunately, not all Verizon plans are eligible for the nurse discount, and you’ll need to have one of the following plans to receive the discount:

  • Verizon 5G Start, 5G Get More, 5G Do More, 5G Play More
  • Play More Unlimited
  • Continue to do Unlimited
  • Get More Unlimited
  • Simply Kids Unlimited Plan for qualified parents
  • Verizon Unlimited Old Plans, including Go Unlimited, Above Unlimited, or Beyond Unlimited
  • Additionally, you’ll need to have at least one phone attached to your account, which can either be a basic phone or smartphone.

    What are the requirements for the Verizon Nurse Discount

    Not only must you be on the Verizon plan mentioned above, but also you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be the Verizon account owner or manager
  • You must be currently employed as a nurse (LPN, LVN or RN), or in respiratory therapy (will require a valid NPI).
  • You must be able to prove your employment.
  • You can submit your application online by using for verification
  • Willing to yearly validate your employment
  • Verizon Nurse Discount In 2022 (How Much Is the Discount + More)

    How can I get the Verizon Nurse Discount sign-up?

    You can apply for the Verizon nurse discounts by going to the Verizon website’s Nurses Discount Section and clicking “Get Started” at the bottom.

    Further, you’ll be directed to, which is where you’ll need to go to begin the application and validation process. To apply for you must first register.

    After verifying your identity, you’ll get redirected directly to Discounts by Verizon. Select either new or existing customers and follow the steps.

    Verizon will require an uploaded document to confirm eligibility.

    In order to have the document accepted for acceptance, you may upload either a pay statement or NPI.

  • Company name, date, and your name will need to be legible on the document
  • It cannot be older than two months.
  • It must be saved in GIF. TIF. JPEG. JPG. PDF.
  • To protect privacy and security, you can black out sensitive data such as employee ID, bank information and social security number.
  • You can also use the Check My Submission Status tool to keep track of your registration. You should note that submitting a file can take as long as 10 working days.

    Verizon will send you a notification when your submission has been accepted. However, it may take up to 2 billing cycles before the discount appears on your bill.

    Where can I find out my discount for a Verizon nurse?

    Once your discount has been added to your account, you can view the nurse discount details by either using the My Verizon app or the My Verizon website.

    To use the My Verizon app you must sign in. Click on “Bill” to see the latest bill.

  • Additionally, sign into your My Verizon account, click Discounts and select Plan. Next, go to bottom and select Promos & Discounts.
  • Verizon Nurse Discount In 2022 (How Much Is the Discount + More)

    Does Verizon Fios Offer a Nurse Discount?

    Fios nurse discounts can be used to get $5-15 off your Verizon Fios monthly bills. This discount is available for all Verizon mobile plans.

    Verizon Nurse Discount for Retired Nursing Personnel

    Verizon Nurse Discount is not available to currently employed nurses, respiratory therapists or other healthcare professionals.

    Verizon Nurse Discount In 2022 (How Much Is the Discount + More)

    Verizon Nurse Discount for Spouses

    Verizon offers the nurse discount only to those who are eligible. Spouses cannot use the nurse discount.

    Check out these posts to find out if Verizon provides student discounts or if Verizon offers military & veteran discounts.

  • Conclusion
  • Verizon’s nurse discount is for current employees of nurses and respiratory therapy therapists. You could get anywhere from $10 to $25 off each month.

    Verizon Fios has a Nurse Discount that will save you anywhere from $5 to $15 each month. You’ll have to sign up through in order for the nurse discount offer.

    Is Verizon Offering A Discount For Healthcare Workers?

    Your monthly discounts for nurses and respiratory therapists depend on how many qualified Unlimited plans you have. One phone will get $10/month. 2- 3-phones – 25% off per month. Up to 4 phones are eligible for a $20/month account discount

    Verizon’s Work Discount: What is it Worth?

    Receive up to 18% Off Monthly Access Fees As an NPP Member Employee, You and Your Family Are Eligible for an 18% Employee Discount on Verizon Wireless Service (15% Plus 3% if your enroll in Paperless Billing and My Verizon).

    Verizon Modified Their First Responder Discount

    No, adding a first responder discount won’t change your current Verizon mobile contract or payment agreement.

    Verizon Access Discount:

    Verizon Wireless Plan Access Discounts: For all other Verizon Standard Plans, you will receive a 15% discount for your monthly fee as long as it is not higher than $34.99

    .Verizon Nurse Discount In 2022 (How Much Is The Discount + More)

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