Does Walgreens Allow Dogs & Are They Pet Friendly?

Does Walgreens Allow Dogs & Are They Pet Friendly? (2022)

Walgreens, a preferred option for Americans, is where they can get their groceries and their prescriptions.

Does Walgreens Allow Dogs & Are They Pet Friendly? (2022)

There is an important question, however: Do Walgreens allow pets?

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  • Is Walgreens pet friendly?

    Walgreens permits service dogs only when they meet the requirements of the American Disabilities Act. Walgreens won’t allow support animals for emotional reasons, as these are not covered by the ADA. Walgreens may allow pets into their stores in very rare cases, provided they behave well and are leashed.

  • You might be curious to know why Walgreens does not allow service animals. Or if your dog needs to prove it is actually a service animal. Keep reading.
  • Does Walgreens Allow Dogs & Are They Pet Friendly? (2022)

    Is Walgreens Pet Friendly?

    Walgreens unfortunately is not pet-friendly. However, most stores won’t permit pets into their shops. This policy is determined largely by the manager.

    In some stores, pets are allowed as long as they do not get out of hand and cause problems.

    Does Walgreens Allow Dogs?

    Walgreens is against pet dogs in many of its locations. The decision to allow pets in Walgreens stores is similar to how it does with other animals.

    You should therefore call Walgreens to confirm that dogs are permitted in the stores.

    Does Walgreens Allow Dogs & Are They Pet Friendly? (2022)

    Walgreens allows service animals

  • Yes, Walgreens allows trained service animals inside all of its stores. This is due to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which defines a service animal as a “dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for a person with a disability.”
  • This Act provides that service animals can enter all places which are accessible to the public.

    Therefore, Walgreens is mandated by law to allow service animals inside its stores. These dogs should be securely harnessed and leashed.

    If the dog is unable to help their human companions in an emergency, they must be managed by the use of sound and physical gestures.

    Are you required to prove that your service animal is present?

    Walgreens has no policy that says you have to prove your dog’s status as a service pet if you bring the dog in.

    Does Walgreens Allow Dogs & Are They Pet Friendly? (2022)

    Walgreens won’t let pets into its stores.

    Walgreens has several reasons to ban pets and service animals from its stores.

  • To avoid liability or safety issues
  • Due to health regulations, businesses that sell food and pharmaceutical products are prohibited from allowing pets into their shops.
  • Walgreens does not have the right to bar service animals being allowed into its stores. Walgreens cannot deny service animals entry into its stores if they are accompanied by a companion animal.

    What is the best way to know if a Walgreens store allows pets?

    Walgreens is not required to have a pet-friendly policy. The decision to permit pets into the stores or not lies with the managers. Walgreens does allow dogs and pets in some of their stores.

    If you want to know if your store or local one allows pets, call them beforehand and inquire about their policy. You can locate their number by using the Walgreens location locator.

    Does Walgreens Allow Dogs & Are They Pet Friendly? (2022)

    Walgreens accepts emotional support dogs in-store

    Unfortunately no, Walgreens does not allow emotional support animals in-store as they do not fall under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Each Walgreens may have a different policy on pets, but you might still be allowed to bring an animal with you into the store.

    If you are going to Walgreens to pick up a prescription, you also have the option to get it delivered, which might save you the trip, especially if you want to bring your canine friend.

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  • Conclusion
  • Walgreens will only allow service-dogs that have been trained to work in all its stores. However, the decision to allow any other pets or dogs rests with each store’s manager.

    Therefore, the best strategy is to first call up a store (using Walgreens’ store locator) and ask them whether pets and dogs are allowed at their store.

    .Does Walgreens Allow Dogs & Are They Pet Friendly? (2022)

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