Walgreens Slogan In 2022 (What Is It, History, Meaning + More)

Walgreens has been around since 1901, and has undergone many aesthetic changes to company branding to maintain its share in the pharmacy and retail market.

  • Walgreens customers who are regulars may wonder what their slogan means. This is what I discovered!
  • Walgreens Slogan For 2022
  • Walgreens’ motto is “Trusted since 1901”, which was launched in 2017, and still being used by the retailer until 2022. This slogan refers to the year Walgreens was founded and the trust it has in its business. Walgreens aimed to be simpler and more engaging with this slogan.

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  • Walgreens Slogan In 2022 (What Is It, History, Meaning + More)

    What was the last time that The Walgreens Slogan changed?

    2017 saw the Walgreens’ slogan change from “At The Corner of Happy and Healthy” to “Trusted Since 1901”.

    This is likely to reflect the growing shift in major brands towards minimalistic design to appeal more to their customers.

    Walgreens’ slogan has been modified to include a dual colour palette of red-white, furthering their shift toward minimalistic design.

    What Does the Walgreens Slogan Really Mean?

    The new Walgreens slogan is intended to represent the beginning of the Walgreens company.

    “Trusted since 1901” refers to Charles R. Walgreen, the founder of Walgreens who founded the company in 1901.

    The Walgreens logo features the trust element, which represents its popularity and success. It is meant to attract customers to Walgreens as a trusted retailer.

    Additionally, it is also intended to inspire trust in new customers to come to Walgreens, while bolstering the reputation of the retailer.

    You will notice that the original logo for Walgreens featured the slogan “The Pharmacy America Trusts” below, which was referenced in this new slogan.

    Walgreens’ repeated use of the word “trust” is probably a marketing strategy to emphasise their excellent customer service, based on existing customers’ trust.

    Walgreens Slogan In 2022 (What Is It, History, Meaning + More)

    Is This The First Walgreens Slogan

    Walgreens first slogan used the phrase “At corner of healthy and happy” as it represented the healthcare retail purpose.

    “At the Corner” refers to how many Walgreens shops were built traditionally on corners plots.

    This tactic was strategically designed to attract people from all walks of life to Walgreens.

    The company also used buzzwords such ‘happy,’ and healthy’ to promote its products and services in the areas of pharmacy, healthcare, and well-being.

    What was the Walgreens Greeting?

    Walgreens was not only known for its slogans but also offered a Walgreens “Be Well” greeting to their customers when they checked out.

    Walgreens made other service enhancements in 2015 and dropped the traditional greeting. They now expect employees to greet customers personally.

    The new personable approach of Walgreens aligns with its slogan of building trust and repeat business with its customers.

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  • Conclusion
  • Walgreens’ slogan has changed to “Trusted Since 1901”, which refers to how long the store has been around and the relationships it’s built with customers.

    Walgreens is making personal customer service changes to ensure that customers are greeted by their names and thanked for purchasing.

    What’s the Walgreens Slogan and Why Does It Matter?

    Trusted since 1901

    What does The Walgreens Symbol Signify?

    Walgreens made its logo more visible by painting it red in 1951. In addition, it received a blue mortar with the slogan “The pharmacy America Trusts” and a pestle and mortar. With its new compelling logo, Walmarts wanted to show its readiness to meet any customer needs in terms of pharmaceuticals.30 Mar 2020

    Why did Walgreens alter their logo design?

    The company started to grow and expand in 1951. The company’s identity brand changed, which created the need to change the logo. This would mark the beginning of a logo change. To make the logo more memorable, it was made from grey to red.

    What Is The History Of Walgreens?

    Walgreens started in 1901 when a small grocery store was opened on Bowen Avenue in Chicago. The shop was operated by Charles R. Walgreen (a Dixon native from Illinois). Walgreens has grown to be four stores in Chicago’s South Side area by 1913. In 1915, it opened five more stores and added four in 1916.

    .Walgreens Slogan In 2022 (What Is It, History, Meaning + More)

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