13 Walmart Hidden Clearance Hacks To Save You Tons!

13 Walmart Hidden Clearance Hacks To Save You Tons! (2022)

Walmart is known for its low prices and wide selection of products.

  • Walmart Clearance offers many opportunities to save even more if your goal is to find the lowest price.
  • These are the 13 most money-saving, mind-blowing Walmart secret clearance hacks. Let’s get started!
  • Hidden Clearance Techniques from Walmart that You Must Keep Secret
  • 1. You can use the App to locate hidden Walmart clearance deals in-store
  • Walmart Clearance Items will have a yellow sticker with the price. Although this is likely to be an excellent deal, it’s easy to see if the price is lower.

  • You can scan the yellow barcode of the sticker using the Walmart app for your smartphone. The clearance item will appear in the app, probably at an even lower cost.
  • Walmart.com has lower prices than in-store.

  • 2. Walmart’s Hidden Clearance Offers
  • 13 Walmart Hidden Clearance Hacks To Save You TONS! (2022)

    It can be tedious to search the Walmart site for the best deals. Did you know there was a way to search for items at a discounted price?

    Just type in “clearance” and you will be able to search for the clearance offers on the site. You will see every item currently on sale on the site. You can refine your search using the sidebar if you are looking for something particular.

    A search can also be made for clearance items in a given price range. You can search for clearance items that are $10 or lower by simply typing “clearance below $10” in the search box.

  • A yellow sticker indicating a sale might be an indication of a good deal. However, Walmart may sometimes mark down prices even further underneath these stickers!
  • However, this is not always true of all clearance products at Walmart. It’s definitely worth the effort.

  • 4. Discounts on Clearance Products at Checkout
  • Once you have found an in store clearance item that has a lower price using the Walmart app, simply take it along with your phone and go to the register.

    Walmart does not permit you to match any competitor’s prices in-store. But they will match the Walmart App and Walmart Website price for identical items.

  • Additionally, Walmart customers can price match Amazon.com online, which is another great hack for getting clearance items, even if they are not on sale at Walmart!
  • 5. How to Shop for Clearance Products
  • Walmart will usually markdown items for clearance in the first five days of the month and keep marking them down until they are sold. Don’t forget to save at the end of the month.
  • The price tag can be used to determine if clearance items are likely to have their prices reduced.

    A yellow clearance sticker that ends with a “5” or a “0” indicates that it has been marked down for the first time. So, it’s likely that it will be knocked down even further later on. However, a price ending with a “1” denotes that the price has been marked down to the absolute lowest it will go.

  • 7. Find Hidden Discounts for Full Price Products
  • To be found at the Walmart hidden clearance area, items you scan in Walmart’s app need not be labeled with yellow clearance stickers.

    Scan any Walmart item and you will see a price drop on your app.

  • 8. Take Advantage of Free Delivery
  • You can purchase all the products you have found in your Walmart local store for a discounted price by ordering them through the app, or directly from the website.

  • All you have to do is place an order of $35 or more and they will be delivered right at your doorstep.
  • 9. Time Your Hidden Clearance Purchases Well
  • Walmart may offer these items at discounted prices in-store. However, Walmart has the right to restrict price matching to one per customer per day. This means you will need to think carefully about where you shop.

    These clearance offers are often the best. You’ll be able come back over the weekend to take advantage of them when they become available.

  • 10. Clearance Items Could Be Hidden In Plain Sight
  • When you’re on the lookout for specific products at the best possible prices, it’s worth looking beyond the clearance section itself. Clearance items are often displayed at the ends of aisles. Keep your eyes peeled.

  • 11. Walmart Clearance Items Can be Found Through Social Media
  • Social media search is an excellent way to spot great Walmart clearance deals! You will find many people posting what they find via hashtags like #walmartclearance. Many of these posts include links to the product as well as information about which store it was purchased.

    Keep in mind that clearance prices will differ depending on where you live.

  • 12. Discover if Your Shop Offers Clearance Items
  • You can verify online if someone has posted about a Walmart clearance deal but not certain if the item is available at your local store. The SKU (Stock Keeping Unit Number) of the product is all you need. You can search for it on the Walmart website. SKU refers to the eight-digit number located at the end product’s URL.

    Just go to BrickSeek, enter your SKU number, your zip code and it will show you if the item is available at your local Walmart.

  • 13. Check out the Clearance Sale Deals Available
  • Even if you are shrewd with savings, Walmart employees will have the most insight into the clearance sales. You’ll be able find those rare clearance items you can’t find anywhere else!
  • If you want great deals on products in a specific department, ask a Walmart sales associate where to find them.

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  • .13 Walmart Hidden Clearance Hacks To Save You Tons! (2022)

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