15 Most Stolen Items From Walmart! (You’D Never Guess It)

Walmart prides itself on offering one of the largest possible ranges of products and services to its millions of everyday customers.

  • Walmart does attract a lot of shoplifters because of its extensive product range.
  • You might wonder which are Walmart’s most popular stolen products. Some of them may just surprise you! Here is everything I have managed to find out!
  • 15 Most Stolen Items From Walmart In 2022!
  • 1. Cosmetics
  • Surprisingly, most cosmetics stolen from Walmart are small in size.

    Products such as lipsticks and small make-up items can easily be slipped into pockets and bags, without leaving a visible imprint to incriminate.

  • 2. Portable Electronics
  • Because of their high perceived value, electronics are very tempting to shoplift. Electronics of smaller dimensions are most likely to be stolen. They can also easily hide.

    Walmart store locks are usually locked for larger electronics, which makes smaller items more attractive to shoplifters.

  • 3. Packed Meats
  • Although it sounds absurd, this is true. Shoplifting has been an ongoing problem for meat thieves for over 20 years.

    The reason the item is so beloved by shoplifters …. is not clear.

  • 4. Alcohol
  • This is also true for more costly alcohol, which tends to come in smaller bottles, making it easier to slip into your bag.

  • 5. Accessory for Cell Phones
  • Cell phone accessories such as chargers and cases can easily be hidden on a shoplifter’s person, especially phone cases, which can be slipped directly onto their personal device right there in the store!
  • 6. Baby Formula
  • It’s not clear why baby formula is so appealing to shoplifters. However, my research shows that baby formula has a high potential resale price, which means that you can make a lot of money!
  • 7. Sunglasses
  • One reason could be that customers are able to simply go to any glasses section, put a pair on, and just walk away!
  • 8. Blu-rays, DVDs and Video Games
  • These items can be carried around in pockets or bags, and they’re often very costly, making them highly profitable!
  • 9. Razor Blades
  • Some razor blades might be protected by locked doors in Walmart stores and other grocery shops.

  • It’s because shoplifters were very fond of them for a while!
  • 10. Drugs Other Than The Original
  • This is largely due to the difficulties involved in getting them.
  • Due to their difficulty of accessing in-store, the cost for over-the counter drugs will be higher elsewhere.

  • 11. Cigarettes
  • You must purchase these items over the counter.
  • 12. Jewellery
  • These items can be easily hidden inside pockets or bags and are sure to fetch you a lot outside the shop.

  • 13. Sporting Goods
  • Because sporting goods are often very expensive, the temptation to steal them might be tempting.

  • 14. Jeans
  • Jeans were an extremely popular choice for shoplifters. They used to be stolen often from the changing rooms. These are still very popular today!
  • 15. Swimsuits
  • They can be easily hidden in pockets and bags, which makes them very easy to take.

    15 Most Stolen Items From Walmart! (You’d Never Guess It)

    What Is The Most Shoplifted Walmart In America?

  • This is, however, not the greatest award any store can receive. Unfortunately this award has been given to a variety of Walmart stores in the US.
  • The’most shoplifted” location isn’t clearly identified, but Westwood Cincinnati and Mankato Minnesota’s Walmart hold the titles of most shoplifted stores.
  • For more information, see how Walmart tracks shoplifters. You will also find out if Walmart files charges when shoplifters are caught.

  • You can also check my post regarding the best-sellers at Walmart.
  • Conclusion
  • Walmart stores are robbed of many items every day. These are often smaller items which can be hidden easily and go unpaid.
  • .15 Most Stolen Items From Walmart! (You’D Never Guess It)

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