15 Surprisingly Large Companies Owned By Walmart

15 Surprisingly Large Companies Owned By Walmart (2022)

Walmart is the fifth largest company in the world and also has a large number of subsidiaries.

  • Walmart has two warehouse shopping sites, Sam’s Club (a giant in the retail industry) and Hayneedle.com (an affordable furniture store).
  • These are the 15 largest Walmart subsidiaries located all around the world. They all have a distinct function to perform for Walmart, which is a huge organization. Each adds an additional dimension to the company’s growing success.

  • Walmart’s 10 Most Reputable Companies
  • Walmart is spending a lot of money and energy on its need to compete with the lucrative Amazon model. Walmart’s ambition is to conquer new markets against an unknown opponent, in every aspect of its business, including fashion.

    Walmart’s sheer size, and the fact that it is a large-scale retailer, can be overwhelming. It’s massive. Up next, we have ten of the most well-known companies that Walmart owns, and chances are you’ve heard of most of them.

  • 1. Hayneedle
  • The online furniture store Hayneedle has a reputation for selling stylish, affordable furniture. While I had many opportunities to browse the website, my dream was for a simple, elegant remodel that would suit all rooms of my home. But Walmart owns the site.

    Walmart acquired Hayneedle in 2016 in the hopes that the site would offer them a foot in the door of online shopping.

  • 2. Jet
  • Walmart acquired Jet.com, a website similar in nature to Hayneedle. It was purchased for 3.3Billion USD.

    Walmart had hopes that this acquisition would allow them to enter into direct competition with online shopping icon Amazon.com.

    These days, when you type Jet.com into your browser window, it will take you directly to Walmart.com since the company has absorbed the website’s ideas and style but chose to leave the domain name behind.

  • 3. Massmart
  • It was acquired in Africa for 2.54 million dollars. Massmart is the 2nd largest goods distributor in Africa and has over 420 stores in the country, selling general goods, groceries, and liquor.

    Massmart’s corporate umbrella includes several other businesses that offer discounted products for African consumers, including Massbuilders, Massdiscounters, and Massbuilders. Walmarts sub-Saharan African reach was further expanded with this acquisition.

  • 4. Art.com
  • Art.com has many similarities to Hayneedle. It is an established place where you can shop affordable wall art and decor. This site is in fact the largest seller of online home decor and art on the internet.

  • Walmarts successfully acquired the site in 2018 to expand its online presence and bring it closer to Amazon.com.
  • 5. Shoes.com
  • Walmart made an unexpected purchase of Shoes.com last year. The website, valued at $9 million was designed to give Walmart the opportunity to market products Amazon couldn’t sell yet at deeply discounted prices.

    Walmart wanted to increase their online presence, and to improve digital sales once again with this acquisition.

  • 6. Bonobos
  • Bonobos was the first brand of clothing to be mentioned in this list. It is a Walmart move to add online fashion to its portfolio. Bonobos is an online men’s fashion site that offers affordable, high-quality clothing.

    Walmart purchased the brand for 310million dollars in 2017. The acquisition helped them continue their relentless journey of facing off against Amazon online.

  • 7. Moosejaw
  • Walmart did not just want to include men’s clothing in its growing fashion portfolio. Walmart also bought Bonobos for $51 billion in 2011, allowing it to be able to offer a unique and rugged approach to its growing fashion segment.

    Walmart is the home of one of America’s most beloved brands, which they use to prepare for hiking and camping.

  • 8. Bare Necessities
  • Bare Necessities is able to offer elegant and sophisticated products at incredible prices. This shocked me, as I thought that these terms could also be used to describe purchases from Walmart.

    Walmart again purchased in 2018 in an effort to capitalize on Bare Necessities popularity online in order to boost its ranking in relation to Amazon.

  • 9. Eloquii
  • Walmart purchased Eloquii plus-sized clothing giant Eloquii in one of their most recent ventures into fashion.

    Elonquii maintains Jet.com’s identity but has not lost its website. Elonquii’s association with Walmart allows the price drops to be achieved.

    Elonquii’s value will remain to be determined.

  • 10. Sam’s Club
  • Sam’s Club was created by Walmart in 1983 in order to allow the retailer to enter the world of large volume, discount shopping.

    You will receive the same discounts as Costco or BJ’s if you have an annual membership.

  • Walmart Owns 5 Less-Known Companies
  • The list is not complete. Although this list does not include all of Walmart’s companies, and does not explore all the motives and purposes for these acquisitions it will hopefully show just how wide-reaching Walmart is and how deep it has penetrated many peoples lives.

    Below are five smaller companies. We also have five lesser-known, but still profitable, Walmart businesses.

  • 11. Aspectiva
  • Aspectiva is by far the most innovative, forward-thinking buy on this shopping list.

    The small, Indian-based company was bought in 2019, with the hope that Walmart would be able to take advantage of their expertise in technology design and customer support.

    Although Walmart did not disclose the cost of this Indian corporate gem, it is easy to see the value and wisdom in acquiring it for the Walmart family.

  • 12. Amigo
  • Amigo (large grocery store chain) is based in Puerto Rico. Walmart bought it in 2002.

    The incredibly lucrative acquisition allowed Walmart to work collaboratively with Amigo to expand their business outside of the supermarket world and include more products at steeper discounts to its customers, similar to a Super Walmart model.

  • 13. Flipkart
  • Flipkart, a company based in India was founded to help small-business owners access wholesale items at a low price online.

    Walmart plans on leveraging its access to the goods for its growth in India as well as in eCommerce.

    Walmart bought a controlling stake in the company in 2018 for $16 Billion to help them achieve their digital goals.

  • 14. Seiyu
  • As the largest supermarket chain in Japan, Seiyu was an obvious acquisition for then sales giant Walmart.

    Seiyu, originally opening in 1963 was already a well-respected food store with Japanese customers. Walmart was then able to leverage this reputation by teaming up with Rakuten and establishing the virtual grocery shop and delivery service as an all-in-one online option.

  • 15. Carhco
  • The company is also located in Central America and Puerto Rico.

    Walmart purchased Carhco (the largest regional supermarket chain) in 2004. Carhco has been a valuable part of Walmart’s worldwide expansion. Walmart spent 2 billion on it.

    Walmart is a company that is focused on providing information to consumers about the business.


    Walmart is a company that owns the following:

    Massmart They own many local brands, including CBW, Builder’s Warehouse, Makro, and Game. With the purchase of six Makro store locations, the company was founded in 90. Walmart acquired a 51.1% controlling stake in the business in 2011 for $2.54billion.

    Walmart: Which 50% are you the majority owner of?

    the Walton family

    Walmart has any subsidiaries?

    Walmart is one the five most important companies in the globe. It also has a large number of subsidiaries, many of which you may not be familiar with. Walmart, for example, owns Sam’s Club warehouse shopping and Hayneedle.com affordable furniture.

    Walmart Owns Hayneedle?

    Hayneedle is an online furniture retailer that Walmart acquired when it bought Jet.com. September 25, 2020

    .15 Surprisingly Large Companies Owned By Walmart (2022)

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