Does Walmart Do Background Checks In 2022? (+ Other Faqs)

Walmart is one of the most popular places to look for work.

  • You may feel some worry and uncertainty if Walmart offers you a job. You can rest easy because I’ve done all the research on the matter!
  • Walmart Background Checks: Why?

    Walmart and other retail outlets conduct background screenings to check for potential employees.

    Walmart has committed to creating a secure work environment. Background checks must be completed by all applicants.

    With that, background checks help decide who is the best fit for the job by ensuring no one has committed any serious crimes or has a history of theft.

    Walmart does not care what position they hold. They want their employees to be able to trust each other with money and products responsibly, and also ensure safety for customers and staff.

    Walmart background checks are also done to check for any past red flags.

    Recognizing red flags in the workplace can reduce employee turnover and increase productivity.

    Does Walmart Do Background Checks In 2022? (+ Other FAQs)

    Walmart Background Checks: What company does Walmart use?

    Individual applicants can’t contact third-party vendors, but knowing who is handling your personal and background checks may give you some peace of mind.

    Walmart has partnered up with as a provider to make it easy and safe to do pre-employment screenings on potential candidates.

    What is the best way to complete a background check for Walmart?

    Applying for Walmart employment will require you to pass an online background screening.

    For your Walmart application to be processed online, please provide contact information, educational levels and work experience.

    You must be truthful and precise when filling in forms. This information could also be used for background checks.

    Likewise, it is also essential for applicants to upload their driver’s license or state ID card and submit it electronically.

    After that, you will be asked to provide a form of identification (social security card or birth certificate).

    Last but not least, please download and submit your background-check form from Walmart’s site before the link expires. Usually this takes anywhere between 3-7 days.

    The background check can be a great tool for companies to find the best workers. However, the company has the right to reject the background check.

    The Fair Credit Reporting Act stipulates that prospective employers need to have permission from the applicant for background checks. Disclosure is voluntary.

    But, refusing to go through a background screening at Walmart is a disqualification automatically from any potential job at the retailer.

    Does Walmart Do Background Checks In 2022? (+ Other FAQs)

    Walmart Background checks: What is it?

    While many people believe background checks focus on past employment and credit score, Walmart will tell you that they do not use credit scores when making employment decisions.

    Walmart background checks instead look at:

  • Discrepancies in application information (contact information must be valid for tax and payment purposes)
  • Social security validation to ensure that applicant is really who they say they’re.
  • Previous employment history is used to determine qualification for the post they are applying.
  • Criminal records (to ensure the applicant is not a safety risk for other employees or customers)
  • Also, Walmart’s background checks may consider other details, such as:

  • Drivers
  • US terrorist watchlist, mostly for security personnel
  • List of sex offenders
  • Reminder: It’s important that you are truthful when applying for a job. You may have to explain your job history, past firings, and past criminal activities.

    It is always better that employers hear information from you rather than finding it out from the background check.

    Walmart needs what information to conduct a background check?

    The background check begins when you submit your application. You must have all the documents and other information. However, it is necessary to submit the following information in case you are not able to do so.

  • Contact information (Legal names, current addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers)-
  • Addresses over the past 7 years
  • Past employers (Walmart looks back for seven years of work history)
  • For confirmation of education history, it is necessary to identify the schools and colleges that educated you in the past.
  • Social Security number (Searches for criminal history are conducted by searching for the applicant’s social security number)
  • Driver’s licence/ ID card (to check your driving record, and another method to verify identity)
  • Does Walmart Do Background Checks In 2022? (+ Other FAQs)

    How Long Does A Walmart Background Check Take?

    Walmart has thorough background checks. This means that you can expect to need to wait from 5 days up to 3 weeks until your order is processed.

    It isn’t a sign that the process takes too long. Information is just slower to arrive from other locations.

    Is it possible to verify your Walmart background checking status?

    Walmart employees can help you check the background status, even though there’s no way for applicants to do so. provides a 24-hour hotline that allows personnel to submit inquiries.

    But still, keep in mind, your report takes at least five days to be run, so wait at least a week before following up.

    Does Walmart Do Background Checks In 2022? (+ Other FAQs)

    Walmart employees can be misdemeanors.

    Background checks that look at public records may cause misdemeanors to not show up on your reports.

    Most misdemeanors can be prosecuted in county courts. Therefore, background checks that check for offenses throughout the state often fail to find them.

    Commonly, misdemeanors are settled instead of taking to the courts.

  • You may be eligible to work for Walmart even if there is a misdemeanor in your background.
  • What if Walmart wants to hire people with a felony conviction?

    Many people believe that a conviction for a crime will make them ineligible to work.

    Walmart however believes in second opportunities. Walmart joins the Ban-the-Box program, giving people with felony convictions the chance to apply for jobs regardless of their records.

    Does Walmart Do Background Checks In 2022? (+ Other FAQs)

    What happens if you don’t pass a background screening?

    Unfortunately, in most cases, a failed background check will disqualify applicants, especially for highly competitive positions with many other applicants.

    A negative background check can still be used as a guide. The report contains information that the hiring manager might want to talk with you.

    It may not matter if you can give an explanation for red flags in your background check.

    This again is the reason why you must be truthful when applying to Walmart jobs.

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  • Conclusion
  • If you’re planning on applying for a job at Walmart, you can expect the retailer to conduct a thorough background check.

    For example, Walmart’s background checks review past employment and education history and confirm that applicants are who they say they are.

    For a background check to be conducted at Walmart you’ll need to provide proof of ID such as a driver’s licence or social security card.

    Walmart’s Background Checks: What are they looking for?

    Walmart’s background checks will check for felonies, misdemeanor convictions and arrests in the past 7 years. Most likely reasons for being disqualified are sexual, financial, and drug offenses. Walmart doesn’t employ violent criminals.8/12 2020

    Does Walmart Hire Ex Felons?

    Yes, Walmart does hire felons. Keep in mind, however that not all felons will be hired by Walmart. Walmart applications do not include questions about past convictions and criminal records. After your interview, the background check won’t be complete.22 September 2020

    What is the average time it takes for a Walmart background check to be completed?

    A standard background check at Walmart could go on from anywhere between 3 days right up to 30 days. This will depend on which position you’re applying and what checks Walmart conducts. The criminal and background checks can take as long as a week.

    What can you do to find out if your Walmart background check was successful?

    Q. Q. A. If your status shows “Eligible for Hire” then you have passed the background check and the hiring manager should be contacting you to schedule orientation.

    .Does Walmart Do Background Checks In 2022? (+ Other Faqs)

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