Does Walmart Trade In Products? (Tvs, Ipads, Games+ More)

As a way of gaining new customers and increasing their stock, companies have adopted trade-in programmes. Trade-ins can help offset many expenses.

  • You might wonder if Walmart sells in products due to their huge position on the retail scene and the thousands of electronic items they have sold. Let me tell you what I found!
  • Does Walmart Trade In Products? (TVs, iPads, Games+ More)

    Walmart to Trade in Products In 2022

    Walmart accepts trade-ins for seven different types of electronics as part of their Gadget to Gift Cards program. This program allows customers to use the website to assess their item and get the trade in value. Then, they can ship it back for free and receive a Walmart eGift certificate. Walmart also has a trade-in option for cell phones.

  • Keep reading to find out which phones Walmart will accept as part of its trade-in program. Also, learn how much cash you can receive for old phones.
  • What Items Can You Trade In At Walmart?

    Walmart’s trade-in program accepts seven different categories of electronics.

    These include:

  • Cell Phones
  • Tablets
  • Video Game Consoles
  • Voice Speakers
  • MP3 players
  • Wearables
  • Laptops
  • Find out if your gadget can be traded in by going to Walmart’s Gadgets To Gift Cards Site. Then navigate to your category to the left, and click on the name/model to see the complete list.

    Does Walmart Trade In Products? (TVs, iPads, Games+ More)

    Does Walmart Trade In TVs?

    Televisions cannot be traded in by Walmart.

    My reason? Most TVs are just too large and fragile for shipping.

    While companies like Walmart have plenty of packaging options on their end for getting large electronic devices safely to customers, it doesn’t go both ways.

    For sending something that fragile back, there is simply too little specialty packaging.

    And obtaining it would be too expensive for the customers and too much of a hassle for Walmart.

    Does Walmart Trade In iPads?

  • Walmart does accept Apple iPad trade-ins. They will accept up to 19 iPad models beginning with the iPad 1
  • Here’s a link that will show you if your device is included in the list.

    Additionally, Walmart also accepts tablets from 18 other manufacturers. Here is the complete list.

    Does Walmart Trade In Products? (TVs, iPads, Games+ More)

    Does Walmart Trade In Video Games?

    Walmart will not trade-in video games at this time.

    My suspicion is that there’s too much variety. Keeping up with everything would also be challenging.

    GameStop, Best Buy and other stores will trade your games.

  • It’s also worth looking up “videogame trading ins near me” on Google. Independent second-hand media stores sometimes slip by the radar, especially when they are located in big cities.
  • Does Walmart Trade In Video Game Consoles?

    Walmart accepts trade-ins of video gaming consoles.

    They are currently accepting consoles made by three of the most popular brands, Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony.

    Walmart is more likely to buy the latest models rather than older gaming systems that some could consider “vintage”.

    Check here to see if your device has been added to the trade-in list.

    Does Walmart Trade In Products? (TVs, iPads, Games+ More)

    Does Walmart Trade In Computers?

    Walmart currently does not accept desktop computers. However, they allow customers to trade their laptops in.

    Walmart will accept laptop trade-ins of 16 manufacturers including Apple, Dell Lenovo, Microsoft and Toshiba.

  • It is likely that the company does not accept any trade-ins of desktop computers due to their large screen size, hard drive, and other parts.
  • However, Laptops can be much smaller and lighter than other devices.

    Click here to see the complete list of trade-in laptops.

    Walmart trades in cell phones

    Walmart allows phone trade ins in 2 ways.

    First, they accept cell phones as part of their Gadget to Gift Cards program.

    In fact, it appears that Walmart’s partnership with CExchange (who handles Walmart’s trade-ins) began in 2013 with their cell phone trade-in program.

    Walmart currently has seventeen manufacturing partners, which includes Apple, Microsoft Google and HTC.

  • Interesting that they will also accept older brands like Blackberry or Kyocera.
  • This page contains a complete listing of all acceptable manufacturers for cell phones.

    Walmart also trades cell phones in this second manner through ecoATM kiosks. Customers can exchange their phone for cash at these kiosks.

    It is possible to even check the price before you visit, which will then help you identify kiosks in your area. Chances are you will have an ecoATM in a Walmart.

    Does Walmart Trade In Products? (TVs, iPads, Games+ More)

    Walmart: What can I trade in?

    Walmart’s trade-in value varies widely between brands and products.

    Apple Macbook: This item can sell for up to $1100, but it retailed new at $1800. ).

    Fitbit Ace is the most affordable Fitbit device, costing $1.

    You can find out how much your gadget is worth to Walmart by visiting their Gadget to gift cards website.

    If you want to know more about Walmart’s program, check out our other posts. These include if Walmart will buy used phones, whether Walmart will sell used products and where Walmart gift coupons can be used.

  • Conclusion
  • Walmart’s Gadgets-to-Gift Cards Trade-in Program makes it possible to sell any electronics you may have.

    It is easy to search online for your device and then initiate a free trade-in.

    Ipads under trade-in at Walmart

    Walmart accepts trade-ins of Apple iPad models. They will accept up to 19 iPad models. Walmart accepts tablets made by 18 other companies.

    Can You Trade In A Tv At Walmart?

    An online calculator can be used by consumers to calculate the value of electronic equipment they are willing to trade in. When the value of an electronic equipment is determined, the buyer will get a Walmart cash credit.

    Is Walmart a participant in electronic trade-ins?

    September 10, 2013

    Walmart Telephone Trade in Worked?

    Walmart is now buying phones using their trade in program. Walmart can give credit to customers up to $500 depending upon the model and condition of their phone. Walmart returns old phones using the ecoATM kiosk. It gives credit to customers, cash and credit towards a new product.

    .Does Walmart Trade In Products? (Tvs, Ipads, Games+ More)

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