How To Read A Walmart Receipt? [Codes, Meanings + More]

Walmart associates can print out or email receipts to prove purchase when you make a Walmart transaction.

  • Each receipt contains vital information that is unique to you. But, how many people actually understand how to read Walmart receipts? Let us tell you all about Walmart receipts.
  • What Do The Numeral Codes On Walmart Receipts Mean?

  • Walmart receipts are bombarded with long and short numeral codes, from top to bottom which can make them confusing to understand. Below is an explanation of the meanings of these codes.
  • Below, you’ll find the meanings of various codes.

  • The first line on your receipt will show the store name, along with the zip code.
  • ST# which states the store number
  • It is the number of the cashier.
  • #TE represents the cash register number
  • TR# is the transaction #
  • Now let’s get down to the most important numbers. The 12-digit serial code is located in the middle and it will identify every item that was purchased.

    On the right hand side, you’ll see individual prices. Underneath the products, you’ll see the total cost, debit tends (meaning a refund should go to this card), and any change due.

    Paying with a debit or credit card will show ‘U.S. Credit/Debit’ depending on the usage, followed by the 4-digits from your card.

    The purpose of this information is to allow you and the cashier to clearly identify the card used in an event where you request a return. You will find the REF number of the merchant’s receipt along the same line.

    An abbreviation of “Approved”, indicating the bank’s authorization to the transaction, is referred to as APPR. If you used a chip card, you may see an ‘AID’ code, which is used to address the application of a card.

    Further down, the number ‘TC’ that forms the transaction codes will appear.

    The C# is the receipt’s number. This is an essential number that must be printed. Below the barcode is the specific date and hour of purchase.

    How To Read A Walmart Receipt? [Codes, Meanings + More]

    How can I find out what item appears on a Walmart receipt?

    Walmart states each product name purchased for that transaction. They are usually abbreviated and shortened by Walmart. For example: “Org” is organic, and “VG” and vegetables.

    An item can also be identified by the unique serial number listed in the middle of the receipt. The serial code is usually on high-value items such as consoles, radios and televisions.

    You can search by entering this number to view the product’s name alphabetically and other details.

    You can also scan the QR code found on the receipt via the Walmart+ app. Each item on your receipt should be photographed.

    What is the Meaning of A, B. P. R. & A on a Walmart Receipt

    If you look closely, letters like F, R and B will be visible on the receipt. These letters can be linked to sales tax compliance. This can vary from one state or another. Take, for example:

  • A = 1 Tax
  • B = Tax 2 Only
  • P = Tax 1&4
  • R = Tax 1 and 6
  • S = tax 1 & 7.
  • The following tax rates apply to an item:

  • Tax 1 represents the general merchandise rate
  • The food rate is tax 2.
  • Tax 4 is the prepared food rate
  • The wine rate is subject to tax 6.
  • Beverage rate: 7 percent tax
  • How To Read A Walmart Receipt? [Codes, Meanings + More]

    Does Walmart have a return policy on receipts?

    Walmart usually has a return policy on its receipt. All returns must be received within 90 days from the day printed below the barcode.

    Do not be alarmed if you have not received a copy of the store’s return policy. has the full return policy. Alternately, call Walmart customer care.

    How Does a Walmart Receipt Show N, X, & O?

    Following the product’s cost on the right hand side of your receipt you might see an O, X or N. These letters represent each product’s tax status:

  • Nontaxable means that the item is N
  • X signifies that this product is taxable
  • Nontaxable sales items are not available for O-listed products
  • How To Read A Walmart Receipt? [Codes, Meanings + More]

    What Happens If you Lose Your Receipt?

    If customers wish to receive a complete refund, they will need the receipt. But they are very easy to misplace.

    Walmart has the ability to look up receipts online and help customers recover lost or stolen receipts. This will require you to provide the postal code or address of where the purchase was made and also the date it was received.

    Walmart asks all customers to submit a bank statement as proof of the purchase date and amount.

    Next, give the card type and 4-digits. Once you’ve collected all of the relevant information, use the internet receipt lookup tool to search for it.

    How do I use the online Receipt Lookup tool?

    Associate may print Walmart receipts if it’s right after the original one. You can also use the Receipt Lookup online tool to create duplicate receipts.

    First, choose the shop that issued your receipt. Next, pick the purchase date. Enter your card type, (pick debit card for all debit cards), and the 4 digits of your card number. Enter the receipt amount, confirm the Captcha and press ‘Lookup receipt’.

    Once your receipt is confirmed, you can print and download it from the following page. If you purchased with gift cards, cash or checks, Walmart customer service might be able to assist.

    See our other guides for more details.

  • Conclusion: How to Read a Walmart Receipt
  • Walmart receipts allow customers to easily identify name, prices, and serial numbers. A, B. P. R. & & S indicate compliance with sales taxes, and N. X & O the items’ tax status. Locate the receipt number below the barcode. Locate the policy of return on the back. Use the Lookup tool to duplicate recipes.

    What are the Significance of Walmart Receipt Letters?

    The letters after the receipt price: X = Taxable item. N – Nontaxable item. T – Taxable sale item. O – non-taxable sale item.

    What does F and T stand for on a Receipt

    1. A: The codes are located next to the item of your receipt.
    2. Eligible for SNAP, but not taxed
    3. SNAP eligible, taxed.
    4. Taxable

    .How To Read A Walmart Receipt? [Codes, Meanings + More]

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