Spark Reviewer Program 2022

Spark Reviewer Program 2022 (Your Complete Guide + Faqs)

Everyone likes to receive non-bill-related mail and loves free stuff.

Walmart has a unique program called Spark Reviewer that combines these two elements with its Spark Reviewer Club, which is a club for loyal customers who are thoughtful and kind.

  • So what is the Spark Reviewer Program exactly? But you’re not the only one, and it won’t take long for you to find out. What do you need?
  • Spark Reviewer Program 2022 (Your Complete Guide + FAQs)

    What will the Spark Reviewer Program look like in 2022

    Walmart runs the Spark Reviewer Program to get honest reviews about their top brands. Random customers are invited to join the program if they have a track record of providing insightful comments about products. They will also be given samples to test and then write honest reviews of the items on our website.

  • Let’s look deeper at how Spark Reviewer works and the questions that might come up to get you involved. You could even be eligible for Spark activities.
  • How Does The Spark Reviewer Program Work?

    Walmart’s Spark Reviewer Program helps customers feel more confident when shopping at Walmart.

    Spark Reviewer Program 2022 (Your Complete Guide + FAQs)

    Did you see a description of a product and not read any reviews? This affected whether you bought it or not.

    It made me rethink my purchase and I gravitated to similar products from other websites that had many reviews.

    Word-of-mouth is still one of the strongest forms of earned marketing, especially when the reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

    Walmart sees this, which is why the Spark Review Program exists.

    Walmart gets loyal customers to give honest reviews about products. It increases the chances that shoppers will purchase these items.

    Walmart is not involved in any manner. Reviewers will be asked to give honest opinions, not fake positivity.

    Walmart benefits from loyal customers who leave thoughtful reviews and receive samples free of charge.

    You’ll know you have made an impact if you receive an official invitation from Walmart to join the program.

    Register via the instructions to receive invitations and sample alerts. These occur approximately once per month.

    Once you have received a sample alert, choose the item you want to receive and wait for it.

    You’ll then be given a timeframe by which Walmart wants the review, so make sure you don’t miss it.

    You will then need to submit your thoughts for the product page. Boom! Now you’re done.

    Even better, Walmart pays all the postage and shipping, so the process costs you nothing but a little of your time.

    How can you become a Spark Reviewer?

    You can’t sign up to the Walmart Spark Reviewer Program on your own. Walmart will invite you.

  • But never fear, there are ways to fall on Walmart’s radar!
  • Be an active participant in the feedback of products that you buy. Yes, even that boring toothpaste or pack of socks.

  • Walmart wants thoughtful comments. You don’t have to be the best writer!
  • However, you must have a basic understanding of the product you are reviewing. Consider the factors that might lead someone to purchase this product.

    Do they meet their needs well? One can either focus on one of these needs or multiple.

    It is important to be different from people who just leave one-word comments or unintelligible reviews and don’t add any value to buyers.

    If you are able to convey your disappointment without making it seem angry or spiteful, then you’re definitely on the right path.

    Spark Reviewer Program 2022 (Your Complete Guide + FAQs)

    Is the Spark Reviewer Program real?

    The Walmart Spark Reviewer Program is completely real.

    As you can see from this thread on Reddit, numerous shoppers have received invitations and signed up.

    One user details their experience being a Spark Reviewer over nearly a full year. He also recounts all the freebies he has received such as dishes, jeans and blankets.

    They receive at most four samples each month and have access to a wide range of products.

  • Walmart Spark Reviewer allows you to free quality samples!
  • Does Walmart Have A Spark Community?

    Walmart Spark Community offers loyal customers a similar rewards program, although it is quite different.

    Walmart Spark Community members are not content to write customer reviews. They participate in activities that assist Walmart’s marketing department with learning more about its customers.

    Spark Community members may earn points through these activities which can be exchanged for gift certificates.

    There are many activities that can be done, including interviews, survey participation, focus groups and discussion board participation.

    You can anticipate activities from Chosen members sporadically; as per Spark Community FAQ, some months could include just one or two events.

    Some months may not see any activity at all.

    You will need to complete the activities in a different time frame. Surveys are the shortest, at about five minutes, but I would imagine something like a focus group would be much longer.

    Points will be given depending on how involved an activity is. For example, an in-person interview could have a greater value than just a five minute survey.

    When a community member earns enough points to qualify for a gift card they can “cash in” the card and use the digital card on their accounts to make online purchases.

    They can also print the form and take it with them to use in-store. This card can be used online or in Walmart shops.

    Spark Reviewer Program 2022 (Your Complete Guide + FAQs)

    Are You Looking for Walmart Spark Activities Ideas?

    Spark Activities invites you to become a Walmart active commenter.

  • By showing that your reviews are thoughtful, insightful and offer real value to other customers, you can earn your way to free Walmart shopping!
  • For more information about Walmart shopping, check out our posts related to whether Walmart is ethical and how to obtain free items at Walmart. Also, see where you can get Walmart gift card codes.

  • Conclusion
  • Walmart’s Spark Reviewer or Spark Activities is an invite-only program that gives loyal Walmart shoppers free stuff.

    Walmart will consider you an active product reviewer, which can boost your chances of landing a job and getting selected for their lucrative programs.

    .Spark Reviewer Program 2022 (Your Complete Guide + Faqs)

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