Walmart Phone Return Policy 2022 (Contracts, Iphones + More)

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  • In 2022, almost 70% of the global population own a mobile phone. The devices are constantly improving and can do some amazing feats!
  • Because Walmart keeps their stores stocked with the latest cell phones for their customers, you may be wondering what return policy the retail giant has in place.

  • Don’t look any further. This is all you need to know about Walmart’s return policy for cell phones.
  • Walmart Cell Phone Return Policy In 2022
  • Walmart offers a 14-day return policy for prepaid phones. All phone must be returned in their original packaging and with all accessories. The postpaid contract phone phones can be returned within 30 days.

  • For more information about Walmart’s return policy on cell phones for in-store and online purchases, please continue reading.
  • How to Return a Phone to Walmart
  • Prepaid phones may be returned up to 14-days after purchase. All phone cards, minutes, PINs, and other items are not refundable.

    Contract phones are a bit more complicated to return. Your phone will be returned within thirty days after purchase. But, it must comply with a few conditions to qualify.

  • You will need the original receipt for both prepaid as well as postpaid phones.
  • Original packaging
  • Accessories (earphones/protective screen, chargers, etc.)
  • Perfect condition (no cracks, hardware damage, chipped parts, liquid damage)
  • Walmart will not accept returns of phones that do not have the listed items. Walmart permits some items to remain unreturned without the receipt but phones cannot be included under this exception.

    Additionally, your phone will not be accepted for return if it is not in the exact condition it was purchased.

    Walmart Phone Return Policy 2022 (Contracts, iPhones + More)

    Is it possible to return your cell phone at Walmart for up to 30 days?

    Walmart’s policy regarding cell phone returns is quite strict. Walmart only gives 14 days from the delivery or purchase date for a return on a cell telephone.

    Walmart requests that your phone in original and undamaged condition is returned to you for a refund.

    There are guidelines in place for if your phone gets damaged, or you accidentally open the box.

    Walmart allows you to return damaged cell phones

    Walmart does not allow cell phones to be returned if they have been damaged or used less frequently.

    Walmart Protection Plan subscribers can request a refund in the event that their phone sustains water damage or has a cracked screen.

    Walmart will allow you to return your phone if it arrives damaged or defective.

    However, online orders cannot be returned to stores or via mail.

    Walmart Phone Return Policy 2022 (Contracts, iPhones + More)

    Walmart offers the ability to exchange opened phones.

    Walmart will usually allow returns for products such as toys or televisions, but the cell phone policy is not so simple.

    When returning an unlocked phone, used, or with the box opened, you can only exchange the phone for the same (or similar) model.

  • Opened and used cell phones fall under Walmart’s list of ‘Exchange-Only Items.’
  • Can You Return iPhones At Walmart?

    Walmart offers the same return policy for iPhones as other phones.

    Just like other models, ensure you bring in the Apple iPhone box, charger adapter, cable, and manuals.

    What if I don’t have a receipt to send my cell phone back to Walmart?

    Walmart requires that customers return most products within 90 days of purchase.

    You must retain your receipt in order to return the cell phone or get a refund.

    If you do not have your receipt, Walmart may be able to look up your purchase if it was made with a debit or credit card or if you ordered it online.

    However, if the Walmart employees cannot find a record of your purchase, they do have the right to deny your return.

    Also, ensure you have a photo ID that is valid and issued by the government when returning your cell phone to Walmart.

    What is the best way to get a refund for a cell phone return at Walmart?

    After your cell phone return is accepted, Walmart immediately issues you a refund if you do not want to exchange for a different phone.

    Walmart refunds are made to the original payment method.

    In other words, if you purchase your cell phone from Walmart with a debit or card, you will have the opportunity to put the full amount back onto the card.

    Walmart will cash-refund you for any payment made with a check if you purchased the cell phone.

    Walmart Phone Return Policy 2022 (Contracts, Iphones + More)

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