Will Walmart Put Old Lenses In New Frames? [Full Guide!]

Walmart Vision Centers are available in all of its retail locations for affordable eye examinations, contact lenses, and glasses.

However, Walmart will insert your existing lenses when you order new frames. Here’s what I came up with after some digging:
Will Walmart Put Old Lenses In New Frames? [Full Guide!]

Walmart will replace old lenses with new frames

Yes, Walmart Vision Centers will put old prescription lenses into new frames as of 2022. Walmart can even install replacement lenses within old frames, provided they are exactly the same sizes. Walmart does not charge for this service if the lenses and frames are purchased from them.

  • You can find more information about replacing your glasses at Walmart by reading the following:
  • How Much does it Cost?

    Your local Walmart Vision Center may be willing to change your lens frames for you at no additional cost. To have your lenses changed, however, you will need to purchase new frames from the Walmart Vision Center.

    Will Walmart Put Old Lenses In New Frames? [Full Guide!]

    Are my Lenses Damaged and Will Walmart Replace them with New Frames?

    Walmart Vision Center does not replace prescription lenses if they are damaged.

    If you are asked by your Walmart to place old lenses in new frames, make sure they are in excellent condition.

    Will Walmart Put New Lenses In Old Frames?

    If the original product was bought from Walmart, some Walmarts may be able to replace prescription lenses with old frames. This can be different from one Walmart Vision Center store to another.

    Will Walmart Put Old Lenses In New Frames? [Full Guide!]

    How can I determine if Walmart will accept my used lenses into new frames

    To find out if the Vision Center of your Walmart will change your lens frames, call your local Walmart Vision Center and ask. You can search your zip code with the Walmart locator to locate your nearest Vision Center.

  • Walmart will also repair your glasses for an affordable price if they are damaged. This might make it more economical!
  • See my blog posts to learn more about how long it takes for glasses to be delivered from Walmart. You also can see information on Walmart Vision Center pricing and whether glasses are repaired at Walmart.

  • Conclusion
  • The answer will vary between different Walmart stores. My Walmart Vision Center says that the majority of Walmart Vision Centers will replace your old lenses with brand new frames. Other Walmart stores, however, will not. Before you go to Walmart, make sure that you call the local Walmart Vision Center.

    The cost of having old lenses replaced with new frames is not extra. You must however purchase them at Walmart Vision Center. Frames must be identical in size to the existing frames. Lenses must not have been damaged.

    .Will Walmart Put Old Lenses In New Frames? [Full Guide!]

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